Effect of Retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius Sign on 20 June 2021

Jupiter is set to commence His Retrograde Jupiter  motion this year on 20th June, 2021, at 20:30 pm in Aquarius sign and this transit would last for 118 days, till 18th October, 2021. retrogression is a specific Astrological term, in which the planets appear to move backwards in the sky. 

All the planets in our solar system have a fixed direction for their revolution, but there are some planets like Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn which usually move via direct motion.

However, after some regular intervals of time, these planets appear to move in relative Retrograde Jupiter motion for a while. In Indian System of Vedic Astrology, planets that move via retrograde Jupiter motion are also called as “Vakri Grah”.

In Astrology, a planet in retrograde motion has a special significance. The effects that a planet produces when it is in retrograde Jupiter motion are far different from the ones that it generates when it is in direct motion.

Planets in the horoscope have a great impact on the Moon signs according to their placement in the respective chart, but whenever there is any change in the transit of a planet, it can lead to a special impact on all signs.

This impact may vary from auspicious to inauspicious, or even mild, depending upon the movement of that particular planet. In other words, whenever a planet moves in a direction other than its normal course, very significant effects can seen on every Moon signs.

This year too, Jupiter will begin to move via retrograde motion in Aquarius sign, from 20th June till 14th September, 2021 and thereafter He will change His sign, to enter into Capricorn sign.

However, from 18th October 2021, 10.55 am onwards, Jupiter would resume His direct motion in Capricorn sign and will enter again into Aquarius sign on 20th November 2021, at 23.19 pm and will stay there till the end of this year.


Aries Moon SignThe impact of retrograde motion of Jupiter in your income house predicts that there are pretty good chances of an increase in your recurring income. If you have planned to buy a vehicle or invest in landed property, then a little more wait would surely bring you the best deals.

Delays if any, would only be for the best. Auspicious ceremony or a meeting with someone important may get postponed. Patience and caution required at your end, to steer through difficulties and stay away from stress.

During this period, you advised to take special care of your food intake. Avoid negligence of any kind towards your health.

Concentrate on your tasks well to stay busy and focused and thus keep away from all distractions that may be there in and around. You should respect your elders if you want to reduce the negative impact of retrograde Jupiter on you.


Taurus Moon SignThe effect of retrogression of Jupiter in your career house indicates that there may be a slight slow movement in the area of work, for a while, but, it will help you to control those unnecessary activities. However, your pending payments may arrive, during this phase.

Great times are about to be spent with your family people. You will continue to enjoy your respectable standing in the society. Remain cautious and act wisely, if you are planning to start up any partnership venture.

Take all important decisions only after thorough consideration of facts and figures. Do not neglect your health and take balanced foods to avoid any kind of ailments.

You are suppose to take adequate precautions, while traveling alone, to stay safe. Making a few changes in your daily routine would prove beneficial for you. Practice yoga and meditation, to keep away from stress.


Gemini Moon SignThe impact of retrogression of Jupiter in your luck house foretells that you will have to put in more efforts to excel at your work front. Your hard work will eventually bring good results. This may be the time when your previous investments are likely to bring gainful outcomes for you.

A journey also seems possible with you, but, you may have to check your finances. During this time, you should try to control your dual mindedness. Spending time with your known ones or family will be good for you.

However, matters related with overseas might see slight delay. Do not get stress because of your opponents, as they will never be able to stall your projects, no matter how hard they may try to plot against you.


Cancer Moon SignThe effect of retrogression of Jupiter in your eighth house predicts that you are about to get potential opportunities to excel and make your mark on all fronts of life. You should focus more on your efforts and hard work, rather than relying on your fate. Do not do anything that may bring you disrepute of any kind. 

You are advised to take special care of your health during this time. Relationships with your close ones too, will see an improvement soon.

Renovating your house also seems likely but you will have to keep a check on your finances. Overseas matters may see slight delay.

There are chances that you may develop an interest in religious activities. Keeping fast on Thursdays and offering prayers to Lord BrihaspatiDev will prove beneficial.


Leo Moon Sign ​

The impact of retrograde motion of Jupiter, in your social reputation house, indicates that you are suppose to stay calm, relaxed and keep away from unnecessary travel, unwanted expenditures and excessive anger. Matters related to overseas are going to materialize, during this time.

Tasks related with government sector will also take shape, but after slight delay. Take adequate care of your assets. You need to be careful, if you want to invest in property.

Take all important decisions after thorough consideration only. All your due and pending tasks will get complete within this phase. Keep fast on Thursdays, if you wish to receive the best impact of this planetary transit, on your sign, precisely.


Virgo Moon Sign ​The effect of retrogression of Jupiter in your struggle house, foretells that you will be able to spend and enjoy the best moments with your soul mate, which will become beautiful memories for lifetime. You need to treasure your relationships.

If you are into a partnership business, be extra cautious during this time period and do not over rely on anyone, including your partner too. It’s time for you to maintain your self-respect.

Do not lose patience, if your debtors avoid you and escape from you for a while. surely get your due returns even after a brirf delay.

You need to love and take care of your dear ones, to gain their support and trust. You will have to act wise and cautious in matters regarding your love life and relationship with your soul mate also. Offering prayers to Goddess Bhagwati will prove beneficial for you.


Libra Moon Sign ​The impact of retrograde motion of Jupiter in your fifth house of talent predicts that you should avoid overspending. If you are planning to travel abroad, then a little more wait is advisable for you. Inflow of funds might get stuck, for no valid reason.

Your opponents will not be able to stop you in any way, no matter how hard they may conspire against you. You need to take caution while traveling alone.

Long-pending sum of money may come back to you unexpectedly, during this period. However, this transit may have an impact on your domestic life and can create mental stress.

So, patience and presence of mind required on your part to sail smoothly, through this phase.


Scorpio Moon Sign ​The effect of retrogression of Jupiter in your fourth house of comforts indicates that pressure of work would continue but you will be a bit comfortable with it. Situation is going to be in your favour, but you need to continue with your hard work.

You should remain focused on your dream projects and use your prudence while taking any crucial decision. Do not let your wealth and prosperity conquer your mind.

If possible, try to indulge and contribute a part of your income in some kind of religious activities. You may go for discussion with your near and dear ones but be careful about your limits, to avoid unwanted situation.

It will be necessary for you to maintain a positive approach towards life to secure peace of mind.


Sagittarius Moon Sign​The impact of retrograde motion of Jupiter in your third house of efforts foretells that you will need to be extra cautious if you are planning to go for a long-distance journey. Use your presence of mind at your workplace to keep things smooth.

There are chances of overspending during this phase, so you need to control your lavish habits and extravagant nature. Also, it will be good for you to keep a check on your mood and control your temper.

Give more attention to your family and spend quality time with your elders at home. Financial difficulties would not last long, so stay relaxed and do not worry. New projects and opportunities for work may emerge in front of you.


Capricorn Moon Sign​The effect of retrogression of Jupiter in your second house of family and finances predicts that you should focus on your work only. Believe in your potentials and rely on your capacity to deliver. Hard work alone will reap you the best results, so do not escape from it.

Flow of funds will remain smooth and steady. However, do not run away from difficulties that you may encounter in your personal life. Use your presence of mind to deal accurately with them.

One of your long pending tasks will resume again. Do not waste your time on fruitless activities. Increase in social status seems likely for you, but you need to work hard to maintain it. Keep a control over your impulsive nature and impatience.


Aquarius Moon SignThe impact of retrograde motion of Jupiter, in your sign only, indicates that you are suppose to behave accordingly during this time. Situations may tempt you but you should avoid meaningless arguments or over confidence about anything and try to save as much as you can.

Do not underestimate your opponents to stay protected. Be extra cautious while traveling alone. Also, you advised to take special care of your food intake. Taking a balanced diet would keep you fit.

You also need to stay away from situations that may provoke aggression. Try to participate in religious activities and rituals. Remaining in contact with influential people may boost up your chances of success.

It will be good for you to chant ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ regularly to keep things smooth at your work front.


Pisces Moon SignThe effect of retrogression of Jupiter in your twelfth house of expenditures foretells that you should try to devote more time and attention to your financial front. Express yourself clearly to secure harmony in your family relationships. You need to adopt a positive approach towards life and do not take things negatively.

There are chances of receiving good news from your family circle. You will need to keep yourself busy, to secure your peace of mind. Your long pending tasks are likely to resume again during this phase.

You may witness some kind of ups and downs in your professional front. Your hard work and patience alone would resolve things and will bring you the best results.

Take extra care of your health during this time and avoid everything that may cause you mental stress.

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