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OP Rathore OP Rathore
  • Career, Business, Health, Marriage, Jamini, relationship
  •   Hindi, English,
  •   15 Years Exp.
  • 150/Min
Acharya Bhola Ram Gautam Acharya Bhola Ram Gautam
  • Vedic Astrology, Relationships, Career, Gemstones, Health
  •   Hindi,
  •   15 Years Exp.
  • 83/Min
Sonal Verma Sonal Verma
  • Tarot, Astro-Numerology, Aura Reading, Crystal Therapy, Psychological Guidance, Counseling, Vastu Correction
  •   Hindi, English,
  •   32 Years Exp.
  • 167/Min
Acharya Murgan Acharya Murgan
  • Vedic Astrology, Career, Love, Marriage
  •   Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada,
  •   37 Years Exp.
  • 55/Min
Dr. Ved Prakash Dr. Ved Prakash
  • Vedic Astrology, Career, Relationships, Marriage, Business
  •   Hindi,
  •   22 Years Exp.
  • 108/Min