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At StarsTell, we bring you the best Astrologers / Jyotishi online for Astrology consultation. All our astrologers go thru a stringent selection process and are well learned and experienced. On board StarsTell we have the best Vedic Astrologers, KP Astrologers, Lal Kitab Astrologers and Nadi Astrologers. You can talk to astrologers of your choice on our platform from anywhere in the world. StarsTell not only brings the best astrologers online but also the best tarot readers, Palmists, numerologists, Vaastu Consultants etc whom you can consult anytime easily from the comfort of your home. Our Online Astrology service is available 24x7 in 10 languages. You can talk to our qualified and expert Astrologers in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telegu, Tamil, Gujrati, Kannada, Odia, Malayalam, Punjabi, Assamese and English.
Online Astrologer consultation was never this easy, you can talk to Astrologers or chat with Astrologer on your Smart phone or PC by following 3 simple steps. 1. Visit, and select the Astrologer you wish to talk to. 2. Register yourself and Top up your StarsTell Wallet, we accept all online payment modes. 3. Press the Talk to Astrologer or Chat with Astrologer button.
You can never go wrong with StarsTell Online Astrology consultation service. Choose from over 250 Expert Online Astrologers on StarsTell and get solutions to all your problems. Whether your planetary positions are astray or continuous delays in important events are making you tired, Astrology, also known as Jyotish Shastra in hindi proves to provide astute solutions to your problems by detailed kundli analysis.
Whatever be your problem, be it love, relationship, marriage, job, business, education, settlement abroad, health, wealth etc, consult the best astrologers in India to get predictions and easy remedies.
Most of our users visit us to for astrology consultation online and call astrology services including janam kundli analysis, kundli matching, buying a property, vastu planning, shubh muhurat dates for various occasions etc.
At StarsTell Online Astrology, we maintain 100% privacy and confidentiality.

Real Names, Real Astrologers

It is very common for users to find fake names of astrologers across various online consultation websites. Here at StarsTell, the database is fully vetted and the astrologers use their real names so that the users know whom they are speaking with. We strive hard to provide you with genuine excellent service which is highly implementable and very precise. The ideals align with our vision at StarsTell and are trusted by millions of users globally.

Online Astrology Consultation

Important events in your life come with lessons and deep meaning attached to it. The transits, combustion, conjunction, etc. of a planet, their exalted and debilitated states, and their positions in your kundli influence you. These effects can oscillate on either side of the spectrum. For getting more insight into your future, you need a reliable place where you can talk to an astrologer and what’s better than StarsTell. You can have your entire future read with a single mouse-click – instant astrology solutions on your fingertips.

These consultation sessions from the astrologers can help you straighten your thought process and provide an actionable plan for your future. You can receive instant advice from our experts who are 24X7 available on a phone call. Such responses and advice can help you with peace of mind and develop confidence in taking steps further in the future.

About StarsTell

StarsTell is a part of World Phone India Ltd. We have been trusted partners of leading Indian Telecom companies including Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and MTML for over 20 years, providing live and personalised Astrology consultation services.

At StarsTell, we provide premium and personalised Astrology, wellness and other related service in 10 languages backed by a team of 250+ professional astrologers. Aboard StarsTell, we have renowned celebrity Astrologers on our panel along with renowned practitioners for Tarot, Vaastu, Reiki healing etc.

One of our strategic partner includes Alexa, where our religious and devotional content is among one of their premium services with over 75,000+ users listening to our content every day and growing. Other than that, we have our own TV channel on JioTV, with over 1.4 Mn regular viewers.

At StarsTell we provide

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

1. How accurate are the predictions by an expert?

All predictions are based on your personal birth chart ie the Kundli and are likely to resonate with you more accurately as the data provided. An accurate birth detail can generate a highly accurate birth chart which will include personalised solutions to different problems in your life. Thus, it is believed that the Astrology predictions that come through are very accurate and highly reliable.

2. Can I speak to the same astrologer, if I call the second time?

Yes! You can speak to the same astrologer if you call the second time. Just ensure that you remember the name of the astrologer you spoke to. You may check your StarsTell Account to check the name of the Astrologer consulted.