Handwriting Analysis or Graphology

Handwriting Analysis or Graphology

Upto 300 personality traits can be identified through graphology

Graphology is the scientific study and analysis of handwriting which depicts a person’s personality especially in relation to human psychology.

Graphology is the generic term used for all forms of handwriting analysis. It cannot distinguish sex, race, religious affiliations or sexual preference. This allows the graph analyst to provide and unbiased assessment. Handwriting may also be regarded as “brain writing”.

There are many individuals who, in evaluating the legitimacy of graphology, place it on the same level as astrology – which is not the case to be as graphology has got nothing to do with predicting any future at all.

Graphology is actually a very old and respected science – the study of handwriting and its analysis was first developed by the Chinese 3000 years ago. The Romans used graphology, and through the centuries since then various civilizations and cultures have analysed handwriting to identify the essence of the person who produced it.

There are over 300 personality traits which can be identified from handwriting analysis, graphology. Imperically, graphology has been proven as 90% accurate while personality and Rorschach tests are only 63% accurate.

The most common of these personality and character traits are to determine are honesty, criminality, loyalty, reliability, hostility, self-esteem, intelligence, compatibility, motivation levels, and suicidal tendencies.

Some facts :

  1. The U.S. Library of Congress categorizes it as a branch of psychology
  2. The U.S. Supreme Court considers handwriting a public document, and has declined to attach the privacy tag to it. More-over there is no law in India, which bars handwriting analysis test. Therefore handwriting can be analyzed without the authority’s  consent express or implied.
  3. Although personality test from handwriting is relatively new to Corporate India. Globally more than 5,000 companies are already using applicant’s handwriting as a medium of test in their hiring procedures.
  4. Additionally, on September 03, 1985 The front page of the Wall Street Journal reported that 80% of corporations in countries such as France, Israel and Germany employ handwriting analyst in their employment decisions. Just look at this, 54% of all resumes are falsified, particularly in respect of previous earnings, education & experience they are often not prepared by the applicants; therefore, quality is not reflective of applicant also. Resumes also do not demonstrate the attitude, approach, performance or personality of applicant.
  5. Handwriting analysis is used by law enforcement agencies and many Fortune 500 and major insurance companies. Why? Because it works!
  6. Used extensively by the FBI, Department of Justice (USA)
  7. Also consulted by Scotland Yar and the US Department of Defence.
  8. Used by all Fortune 500 companies

Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • The study of handwriting analysis puts you in touch with a new and fascinating world that deals with the amazing potential of the human personality
  • Your handwriting holds the proof of your strengths that will help you to believe in yourself.
  • You'll find clues to new talents and aptitudes in your handwriting that you may never have considered before.
  • The ability to analyze handwriting can give you a new understanding of yourself or others that are dear to you.
  • Knowing your real strengths will put the centre of control in your own hands. This alone is a self-affirming experience worth its weight in gold. It is an essential requirement for making important, sometimes life-changing decisions.
  • You can find out why people sometimes gain the wrong impression about you – an impression that you never intended to give them.
  • You will be able to see yourself as others really see you.
  • You'll discover why you're not getting on with a friend or partner or clashing with someone you love.
  • You'll gain an understanding of the methods you use to deal with your problems.
  • Surprisingly many of us don't know how we will react in times of crisis. You will find out if you run away from your difficulties or face them squarely.
  • You will find out how you get on with other people - if you are too shy or too dominating; if you are an introvert or an extrovert.
  • Sometimes we feel that we have reached the crossroads in our lives. At such times we need to look at ourselves objectively.
  • A study of handwriting can give us a clear understanding of our priorities so that we can make the decisions that are right for us.
Helps you analyse individual traits and characteristics for matrimonials and employment. over 300 traits can be analysed and known about a person when complete and exhaustive handwriting analysis is conducted
Helps you analyse individual traits and characteristics for matrimonials and employment. over 300 traits can be analysed and known about a person when complete and exhaustive handwriting analysis is conducted
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