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SarvDeva and Graha Shanti Rituals

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SarvDeva and Graha Shanti Rituals

Make the New Year auspicious for yourself. Attain Longevity, health, prosperity and happiness. Remove physical, mental, financial and other difficulties in the coming year.

English New Year 2023 begins with ‘BudhAditya Yog’, this pious association of Sun and retrograde Mercury can enhance excellence of brain to overcome difficulties in job, lack of support from Lady Luck, debt, fluctuations in love affair and failure in educational pursuits. Click Here to Book Now

StarsTell is performing planetary appeasement rituals to strengthen the planets and seek blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Book your Pooja over a phone call and manifest wealth, wellbeing and good relationship. Our phone number is 85 8800 9900 and our website is
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Why is it Necessary to Worship on the eve of New Year? :- To pacify malefic planets and strengthen weak planets. To revere the planets for removing negative influences and build positive energies around you as a result of planetary transits in the New Year. This puja becomes very essential for the advancement of job and business, disease elimination, success of love & relationships, and for continued grace of Goddess Lakshmi, throughout the year. This elaborate Puja is performed by Vedic priests, in a very auspicious Muhurat, under the supervision of our Astrologers, as this ritual requires extreme care and reverence to achieve desired results.

Special Benefit of This Pujan :-

  • Overcome obstacles and hurdles in job, business, etc
  • For a satisfied marital life and love relationship.
  • Attain mental and physical strength.
  • Achieve educational qualifications and uncover new avenues of talent.
  • Ensure best support from children.
  • Get rid of diseases, debt and build prosperity .
  • For the peace of mind and removal of all obstacles.
  • To travel abroad and increase recurring income.
  • Ward off fear of enemies and failure.

Procedure of Worship Rituals :- At the auspicious Muhurat, adhering to strict vedic tradition, rituals will begin by worshiping Panchaang Peeth and Goddess Lakshmi with Sankalp. Special Puja of Nav Grahas is performed with Veda Mantras as well as Shakti Jaap and Dashamsha Havan, Tarpan, Maarjan, etc. Finally, there will be Apologies, Prayers and Aarti of the Gods. Click Here to Book Now

  • Duration :- 3-4 hours(Approximately)

  • #Brahmin :- 2 Priests

  • Booking Amt : $ 101$ 51

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