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Talk to Astrologer

Talk to Astrologer

Get instant solutions for all your problems. Talk to Expert Astrologers and free yourself from worries.

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Online Puja Services

Online Puja Services

Online Pooja services for you and your family on auspicious occasions in the inner sanctum of the temple.

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Astrological Reports

Astrological Reports

StarsTell brings to you a wealth of expertise from the realm of Vedic astrology that will provide your life with a clear sense of direction.

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About StarsTell

StarsTell, with its pool of expert astrologers offers you easy and affordable access to Astrological solutions. Learn about your life, your zodiac, your kundli in addition to several other services. Select an expert astrologer, book a call and speak to them about your life issues, hopes and problems. Speak to our astrologers by booking a call online or get a Kundli or marriage report made. With StarsTell you can get the best astrology services in the comfort of your home. Completely Personalized consultation with Instant Access and Easy booking. Talk to Astrologer on call and get answers to all your worries by seeing the future life through Astrology Kundli Predictions from the best Astrologers from India.

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  Get Your Free Kundli

Free Kundli Report

Kundli is an astrological chart which shows the exact position of heavenly bodies and planets at a particular time. Janam Kundli or Horoscope is a similar astrological chart that is constructed by Vedic astrologers on the basis of the exact Birthdate, Birthplace, and Birth time of someone. With StarsTell, you can get your Free Kundli made just by entering your personal details. Your Birthchart, Planetary inclinations and effects are carefully studied by expert vedic astrologers at StarsTell, who then record the details to create your Kundli. Once the Kundli is generated, you can use it to gather an insight into your personality and your life. Furthermore, you can even use the Kundli to match the prospects of male and female partners before fixing their marriage to check weather bride and groom are compatible with each other. Use your Kundli to avail better opportunities and get more out of your life. Simple Astrological solutions at StarsTell.

Yantras and Gemstones

Talk to Astrologer


Our ancient masters in Astrology championed the science of Gemmology - or therapy by gemstones (also called as Birthstones).

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Online Puja Services


Yantras are geometrical figures that give us insight into the enigmatic energies that govern our lives.

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Astrological Reports


Known as the eye of Shiva, the rudraksha beads are considered to be a powerful manifestation of the Cosmic Force.

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Free Astrology Readings



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About Astrology

Astrology as a predictive science facilitates fortune tellers and astrologers to dive deep into the study of a person’s unique traits right from the moment he or she is born, the native’s strengths and weaknesses and life ahead, etc. Through vedic astrology and zodiac signs, astrologers can ascertain life details about people - understanding their past, present and future. There are many passionate believers who feel that the future can indeed be predicted by studying the position of the Sun, the Moon and the planets’ position at the time of birth. There are various popular schools of astrology worldwide and significant among these are – Western, Indian, Chinese and Egyptian, etc. The astrological chart which holds an all-important place in astrological readings is of course, what we commonly refer to as the ‘Horoscope’.

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