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AshtChiranjivi Pujan : Special Puja on #Birthday/Janamdiwas

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AshtChiranjivi Pujan : Special Puja on #Birthday/Janamdiwas

Birthday have a special significance for every human being. On this day, Birthday Deity, JanmaNakshatra, birth month of the year chart, MunthaPujan and AshtChiranjivi, i.e., Hanuman, Vibhishan, Kripacharya, Parashuram, Markandey Rishi, Ashwaththama, DaityaRaaj Bali and VedVyas Jee, are remembered. AshtChiranjivi Pujan brings longevity. Even in Astrological terms, Birthday Pujan has a unique significance. The ominous effects of unfavourable planets, throughout the year, can be avoided from the day of birthday and the inauspicious planet’s presence in the VarshKundli can be eliminated. Click Here to Book Now

Benefits of Birthday Pujan

Every new year's Varsh Kundli is different, which comes into effect from the day of birth. Therefore, the Varsh Kundli should be analysed by a Scholar JyotishAcharyaJi, after preparing the Varsh Kundli. And with the Muntha of the year, worshipping, giving donation and chanting mantras for the inauspicious planets should be done by a Learned Vedic Brahmin. At the same time, AshtChiranjivi Pujan brings the blessings of longevity and a fulfilling happy life. That can relieve the sufferings of life and achieve happiness, good health, wealth, peace of mind, etc. Click Here to Book Now

  • Booking Amt : $ 101$ 51

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Q1 How can I book Puja online?

You can “Book” Puja from “here” or you can gift this Puja to your loved ones as Birthday gift.

Q2 At which day it will be performed?

It will be performed on the birthday of yours or your loved ones so that you can get blessings from GOD and get positivity.

Q3 What are the requirements of the Puja from my side?

We will be needed your birth details and Gotra to perform the Puja, you need to connect on Phone with Vedic Brahmin to take sankalp for the Puja.

Q4 How long does the Puja take to complete?

It will be a 2 hours long Puja.

Q5 What will be my engagement in the Puja?

We will connect you with priest on phone for the Sankalp.

Q6 What will I get in after completion of puja?

You will get photos and vidoes of the Puja at your whatsapp number.

Q7 How will I get Free Consultation with Astrologer?

Once you will book the Birthday Puja, You can call +91-8588009900 to talk with Astrologer