Know about Powerless Mars Transit in Cancer Sign

Know about Powerless Mars Transit in Cancer Sign

Commander-in-chief of our cosmic council of celestial bodies, Mars Transit in Cancer , on 2 June, at 06.51 am, to become debilitated, means powerless, for a period of 48 days.

Although, ruler of Cancer sign, the Moon, is a friendly planet to Mars, as per Indian System of Vedic Astrology, but, still, Mars loses His power, while travelling through Cancer sign.

Planet Saturn is present there in Capricorn sign, to cancel debilitation of Mars and create ‘NeechBhang Raaj Yog’, to provide Mars power to offer assertive results for us. Looking at the placement of other planets in the zodiac, Jupiter in Aquarius sign will create 6/8 ‘Shadaashtak Yog’ with Mars.

Association of exulted Rahu with the Sun is making the scenario more mysterious as well as unpredictable too. On the other hand, Venus in Gemini sign will create 2/12 ‘DwirDwadash Yog’, which is, not at all, an auspicious transit in the sky.

In addition to this aspect of exulted Ketu will be there on Mars to reduce the auspiciousness of this transit, but, retrograde motion of Saturn is not sounding anything much negative, for our relief.

At a glance, this transit is not foretelling anything very much spectacular for us. Accidents, mishaps may happen in water surfaces, involving ships and other means of water transport, to create damages of human lives and other resources.

This is possible because Mars Transit in Cancer is a watery sign. Tension may increase between global powers to retain their position intact.

Leo and Sagittarius Moon sign natives should exercise much precaution and protection, as this transit is happening in their twelfth and eighth houses, respectively.

Over confidence should be avoided in case of negotiation of any potentially big deals. To know the impact of this transit on your Moon sign.

Mars is travelling through fourth house of comforts, for the natives of Aries Moon Sign, to become debilitated, means, less powerful. So, it is advisable to step wisely in any property related matter.

Comforts may get reduced because of aspect of retrograde Saturn on Mars.

On the other hand, there might be launching of long-term ventures to change the existing scenario at work front. Mars rules eighth house also for Aries Moon Sign people, to offer sudden developments, without prior notice.

Efforts will get rewarded suitably for the hard work done by Taurus Moon Sign people, because Mars is now there in third house of efforts and courage for them.

While being there in debilitation, Mars will become more auspicious for them, to bring potential business deals or grab superb offers for work with significant profit ratio.

Struggle and competitions might also turn to be result oriented to increase their confidence level and enthusiasm.

A word of caution is there for the natives of Gemini Moon Sign as this transit is taking place in their second house of family and finances, to let Mars be debilitated, means, powerless.

Second house stands for speech also, to take special care while interacting with someone senior. They should remain alert in their family circle and utmost caution should be exercised, to maintain perfect harmony in financial budget also.

Love and emotional relationship may take a back seat during this transit in the sky for Cancer Moon Sign people. If any profession related issues were pending, then that could come in their favour, when Jupiter will become retrograde, on 20th of this month.

Try to control your random thoughts about unexpected situations, to save your peace of mind.

Leo Moon Sign people are supposed to be careful as placement of Mars in Cancer sign, in their twelfth house of expenditures, is not an auspicious transit for them. But, as because Jupiter is aspecting Leo sign, so, there will be saving grace, for their relief.

But, retrograde motion of Jupiter is asking them to take precautions in social sector. Show your presence of mind to tackle tricky situation and save yourself from unwanted happenings.

The natives of Virgo Moon Sign are about to experience financial benefit in deals of properties. Transit of Mars via income house in their horoscope is predicting gains and profits to change their monetary situation.

Make it sure to listen to your intuition, because Mars is the ruler of your eighth house also, to guide you correctly while in a situation of dilemma.

Libra Moon Sign people are advised to go slow in the arena of work, as this transit is happening in their tenth house of profession. Being over confident might result into losses, as debilitated Mars might bring unexpected hurdles, for no valid reason. 

Avoid taking major financial risks, for the safety of your days of future.

Health and wellness are the main areas might be affected for the natives of Scorpio Moon Sign as debilitated Mars will influence their twelfth house of expenditures, in their horoscope. 

Control over confidence is very much necessary to keep the scenario under check. Involvement in disputes of others is to be avoided completely, to save your precious time and energy.

Scorpio Moon sign people are not supposed to take any major steps in life without pretty well consideration of realities and facts.

This transit is happening in eighth house of Sagittarius Moon Sign to offer mixed results for them. Mars rules twelfth house of expenditures and being there in eighth house is creating ‘Vipreet Raaj Yog’ for them.

Aspect of Saturn on Mars might give financial tension to make the situation complicated. Third phase of ‘Saadhe Saati’ is on for this sign to create pressure on their nerves and it may take test of their patience as well.

Capricorn Moon Sign people may experience strain in relationship with life partner and financial matters are supposed to take very good care of now. 

Although Mars is the ruler of income house, still transit through debilitation sign Cancer does not spell a good time for them. Moreover, it is the second phase of seven and a half years cycle of Saturn also for them.

Aspect of retrograde Saturn on debilitated Mars is not considered as an auspicious phenomenon anyway. Adopt a flexible attitude to make your stand acceptable to everybody in the room.

It seems to be a potentially lucrative transit for the natives of Aquarius Moon Sign as this transit is taking in place in sixth house of competitions, for their delight.

Mars, being the ruler of third house and placed in sixth house to offer benefit from healthy competitions. Students studying in technical line are supposed to score well because of debilitation of Mars.

Education and love relationship are expected to receive booster dose for the natives of Pisces Moon Sign because this transit is happening in their fifth house of higher education, in their horoscope.

Presence of retrograde Saturn in eleventh house indicates about getting financial help, to continue their study with ease.

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