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What exactly is a Disclaimer Statement

A Disclaimer Statement, which is also called a Disclaimer, is a list of stipulations that is based on the nature and level of engagement between the website and the end-user, registered user or online shopper. It unconditionally eliminates the possibility of the service provider incurring any direct, indirect or consequential damages because of the use of the website by its registered users as well as regular users.

Limitation of Content Liability

The content displayed on the website has been obtained from sources believed to be authentic and reliable. StarsTell.com disclaims any and all warranties, both expressed and implied, as to the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of this content. StarsTell.com can, in no way, shape or form, be held liable for the information displayed on its web property(s). We ask that you consult with reputed and certified astrological professionals at all times after having authenticated their credentials thoroughly before you take action. Information provided on this website is for reference purposes only and may not be reliable at all times especially in circumstances where this information has been obtained from third party sources.

StarsTell.com makes no warranty that:

  1. The website will address all your information needs unconditionally.
  2. The website will be accessible on an uninterrupted and secure basis.
  3. The search results which will be obtained from the use of the website as well as the products and services offered on the website will be reliable unconditionally.

Third Party Online Content and Advertising

StarsTell.com may provide, whenever necessary, links and access to a vast amount of content, products and services from third parties, including users, advertisers, affiliates and sponsors of the website. No warranty of quality, serviceability and durability is provided since StarsTell.com has no control over third party websites. We ask that you, the user, peruse the policies, terms and conditions posted by other websites on their web properties prior to using their products or services. The opinions, advice, statements and advertisements posted on third party websites represent the views of the owner of these third party websites and not that of StarsTell.com.

Disclaimer of Liability of Astro Consultants

StarsTell.com provides astro consultants with a forum to advise end-users and practice their profession. Although StarsTell.com has taken all steps to ensure that the consultants are qualified and reputable, it is not possible to physically verify all the claims made by astro consultants. These consultants deliver services in their individual capacities and StarsTell.com is responsible only to the extent of the amounts paid for such services as posted on the website. By engaging into a business relationship with astro consultants featured on our website, end-users agree to relieve StarsTell.com of any direct, indirect or consequential damage arising out of the services for which a contract has been tendered.

Disclaimer of Liability arising out of the use of Astro Products purchased from the Website

In its current role as a web property engaged in Internet commerce, StarsTell.com makes available for purchase several astrological products for personal use for the purpose for which it is intended. By purchasing these products from our website, the user agrees to relieve StarsTell.com of any and all liability for any direct, indirect or consequential damage or damages arising out of the use of such products. The user further agrees not to make any claims with respect to the efficacy of said products when said products are gifted, sold, traded or exchanged.

Modifying and updating the Disclaimer Statement

StarsTell.com reserves the right to modify this disclaimer statement as and when it deems necessary without any prior notice to its users, affiliates, advertisers and sponsors. We therefore urge you to please visit this page frequently and check for updates.

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