Sun Transit in Gemini sign: How It will Affect You

Sun Transit in Gemini sign How It will Affect You

The sole energy giver of our universe, the Sun Transit in Gemini sign on 15 June, at 06.00 am, to offer significant results for us. 

Previously, He was travelling through enemy sign Taurus, with retrograde Mercury and exulted Rahu and He was not in a very powerful state there.

Venus is already transiting there in Gemini sign to be associate with the Sun to offer ambitious position for great benefit of us. Transit of the Sun in third house of natural zodiac is good for results of sincerer efforts.

So, entering of the Sun Transit in Gemini sign is going to be a very auspicious transit for people placed in high position, in general. For the natives of Aries, Leo, Virgo and Capricorn Moon signs, this transit will remain mostly favourable.

For the natives of Aries Moon Sign, placement of the Sun and Venus, in Gemini sign, in third house, is creating the possibility of financial gains, to provide relief from monetary problems.

For the natives of Leo Moon Sign, placement of sign lord, the Sun, in eleventh house of gains, with profession house lord, Venus, is going to help them washing out obstacles on their way to success and prosperity.

Transit of the Sun through tenth house of career, for Virgo Moon Sign people, yield very auspicious results, in terms of the administrative work-related matters.

Luck house lord, Venus, is forming ‘Trikona-Kendra Raaj Yog’ to add more feathers in their cap of success. Capricorn Moon Sign natives will have the Sun and Venus, placed in the sixth house of competitions, to let them move ahead of their professional rivals.

The Sun is creating ‘Vipreet Raaj Yog’ also for their benefit. For the effects of this transit on the natives of rest of the Moon signs, click here.

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