Five Planets in the Moon Nakshatra on 13 May 2021

Five Planets in the Moon’s Nakshatra on 13 May 2021

Planetary Alignment 2021 Astrology

The Moon is the fastest moving planet of our solar system. She is the nearest planet to our earth. Full Moon and new Moon has tremendous effects over the water bodies that exist on earth.

The Moon represents our mind also. We need a healthy mind with a healthy constitution to become successful in our lives. The Moon Nakshatra is the only planet having no enemy in the council of celestial bodies.

A very rare combination of planets is going to happen on 13th of May, 2021. Five among nine planets will be occupying the Moon Nakshatra, to leave a great impact on our lives.

The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Rahu and Saturn will be transiting through Rohini and Shravana Nakshatra. “Exultation of the Moon and Rahu” in the same sign, is adding another significance on this rarely seen phenomenon in the sky.

Apart from this, a very powerful “Chatur Grahee Yog” also formed in Taurus sign, where sign lord Venus is also occupying along with exulted Moon, Mercury and exulted Rahu.

For Aries Moon sign people, this rare ‘Chatur Grahee Yog’ is formed in second house of family and finances, to offer spectacular results for their money matters.

Planetary Positions in 2021

For “Taurus Moon sign natives” Mercury is the ruler of second house of finances as well as fifth house of talents, to bless them with windfall kind of situation because of this ‘Chatur Grahee Yog’.

Gemini Moon sign people, this unique ‘Chatur Grahee Yog’ is happening in twelfth house of foreign connections, to bring encouraging news from a distant place.

The Moon, Herself, is the ruling planet for Cancer Moon sign. Occurrence of this unusual ‘Chatur Grahee Yog’ in eleventh house of recurring income is bound to spell financial abundance for them.

Involvement of exulted Rahu in this ‘Chatur Grahee Yog’ is predicting about the suddenness of this happening, for their pleasure. Leo Moon sign natives will experience this phenomenon in their tenth house of profession, to witness change in the current scenario there.

Mercury rules their eleventh house of recurring income as well as second house of accumulated wealth also to bless them with financial prosperity.

Virgo Moon sign people are about to enjoy unconditional support from “Lady Luck” as this uncommon ‘Chatur Grahee Yog’ is happening in their ninth house of Luck to amass huge amount of wealth.

The Moon being the lord of eleventh house of income is the most auspicious point of this ‘Chatur Grahee Yog’ to spell success for them.

For the natives of Libra Moon sign, this unusual ‘Chatur Grahee Yog’ is happening in eighth house to write their financial equation in golden letters.

Involvement of sign lord, Venus, career house lord, the Moon and luck house lord, Mercury, is going to add a further pious dimension in their money matters.

Scorpio Moon sign people are about to experience a complete makeover in their social standing, as this ‘Chatur Grahee Yog’ is happening in their seventh house of social reputation.

The Moon Nakshatra is the ruler of their ninth house of luck, to increase the effectiveness of this Chatur Grahee Yog. Sagittarius Moon sign natives may experience struggle from an unexpected corner, but, this Chatur Grahee Yog will become assertive from the other angle.

Presence of exulted “Rahu in their sixth house” will be helpful to push them ahead of their competitors. It is taking place in fifth house of talent for Capricorn Moon sign people, which is indicating grand success for their capability to ensure career growth.

Venus is the ruling planet for their career house, to create a very strong Chatur Grahee Yog for them. Fourth house of property and comforts is the house where this unique ‘Chatur Grahee Yog’ is appearing for “Aquarius Moon sign natives” to spell great outcomes for them.

Venus is ruler of their ninth house of luck, to fetch benefits by the blessings of Lady Luck. Pisces Moon sign people will have this rare ‘Chatur Grahee Yog’ taking place in their third house of efforts, to bless them with sufficient outcome of their sincere inputs in accordance with their expectations.

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