Happy Birthday rajkummar rao: We wish you success and a great career!

Happy Birthday rajkummar rao

Description of Happy Birthday rajkummar rao :

One of the most successful actors of Indian cinema, Happy Birthday rajkummar rao always stays ahead of the folks because of his very unique style of acting. Let us have a look into the planetary configurations in his horoscope.

Let us view his life from the Astrological Angle!

rajkummar rao was born on 31st of August 1984, when the Moon was in Libra sign, being associated with exulted Saturn, to bless him with an unmatched personality of his very own type.

His Moon sign lord Venus is occupying twelfth house, in friendly sign Virgo, receiving aspect from Rahu, to let him shine extraordinarily in his career line.

His Sun is aspect by Jupiter, to equip him with an honest nature, with a very helpful mind set. Retrograde Mercury is also aspected by Jupiter, to make him calculative, thorough in his skills and particular about his choice of roles.

Placement of the Sun, Mars and Jupiter in their own signs, in eleventh, second and third houses, respectively, is another reason why he is altogether different from others.

Divine aspect of Jupiter on his ninth house of luck is a blessing for his successful career because, Jupiter is aspecting his seventh house of social reputations also, to bless him with a very wide social arena, to play an important role in the enhancement of his professional career.

Placement of Mars and exulted Ketu, in his second house of wealth, in watery sign Scorpio, is creating an excellent ‘Yog’, for his advantage.

Shasha Yog was formed by exulted Saturn in the first house to help him to portray his roles with excellent amount of perfection. Mysterious planet, Ketu, exults and accompanying Mars, to ensure accumulation of sufficient amount of wealth and let him prosper visibly.

The Sun and retrograde Mercury, together in Leo sign, in eleventh house of gains, is also playing an important role to ensure his affluence.

Although Venus is debilitating in Virgo sign but, most powerful state of Venus in ‘ShadBala’ is making Her auspicious enough to give expected results and achieve success in life, leaving his competitors far behind.

The Sun is occupying His own sign Leo, which is a fiery sign, to inject tremendous ambition within him and keep him in the top row of actors in the country.

The ruler of his fourth house of materialistic comforts and fifth house of talent Saturn is exulting and His conjunction with the Moon is reconfirming this, once again.

It is forming one of the best wealth producing ‘PanchMahaPurush Yog’, which is helpful to receive support from every corner and score superb progress in his arena of work, without fail.

Artistic planet of our zodiac, Venus, is the ruler of eighth house of special qualities, which is another auspicious point in his horoscope. Tenth house of career is rule by the Moon, to make him popular among people with a different taste.

An aspect of exulting Saturn on his career house confirms the possibility of his steady career growth, against all odds.

Aspect of exulted Rahu on Venus is another good thing present in his horoscope, to allow him to work in a broad arena, crossing the boundaries of his country, for sure.

He was receiveing ‘The best Actor Award’ in the years 2017 and 2018 for his performances on silver screen.

                                    rajkummar rao is now under influence of Saturn main period and sub period of Rahu is on, from March 2020. This sub period of Saturn/Rahu will continue till January 2023.

Next sub period of Saturn/Jupiter is going to be one of the best periods of his life, to leave his impression impressively. He will have pretty good opportunities to grow further in his career front, without any doubt.

When main period of Mercury will be in effect, from August 2025, he will show a new level of his acting skills, leaving everyone surprised. The main period of Mercury will continue till August 2042.

From Team StarsTell.com we wish him all the very best to grab success in his upcoming movies, to rise and shine in the days of future!!

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