Govt Job Prediction by Numerology and Date of Birth

In India, government jobs are considered the best jobs in terms of financial security, job security, ease of doing the job, and overall happiness in life. A Vedic Horoscope can always predict the possibility of a government job with great accuracy. Those who can’t furnish a proper Vedic Horoscope because they are not sure of the time of birth often feel disappointed. However, this is not the end of the road for them.

Numerologists can always help them, by providing a government job prediction in the absence of the time of birth. For this, they can take the support of numerology. In the process of govt job prediction by numerology, only date of birth is required for the prediction. It also means that in the absence of a proper kundli or horoscope, govt job prediction by date of birth is very much possible. Astrologers working with often take the support of govt job prediction by numerology-related practices and formulas in this case.

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Just like Vedic or Western horoscope, numerology can also figure out a govt job prediction by applying a two-step formula. The relationship between “means and paths” can be explored here. For instance, a number five-oriented person shows an inclination towards Mercury. In the domain of govt job prediction by numerology, mercury acts as a representative of accountancy, information and technology, mathematics, science, and linguistics (grammar), in the above case these fields can act as a means to find a secured government job, at the same time the timings associated with the compound number or the destiny number can fix the timings when a person may get a government job or a promising job.

The compounding number here signifies the total of the digits corresponding to the date, month, and year. A “final single integer total” of all these numbers is known as a compounding number or the destiny current number.

A person born on the 21st of January 2023 will have a principle number, 3 ( 2+1), and his destiny current number will be 2+1 (21st) +1( January) +2+0+2+3 ( 2023) =  11.

For calculating the destiny current number we need to add 1+1, which is two, which means that in the above said date of birth, the destiny current number is two.

Based on this simple two-step formula a synoptic govt job prediction by numerology can be maintained for all the principle numbers. While going for this govt job prediction by date of birth, we need to understand that the principle number can give us an idea about the expertise area which can increase the chances (means) of securing a government job. When we get a personalised prediction we use both the principle number and the destiny current number to give us more accurate predictions.

To begin with, a numerologist can take the help of principal numbers in figuring out the right area where a person may have expertise.

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Let’s see your government job prediction as per your principle number:

Govt Job Prediction by Numerology Number for Number 1 natives :

In the domain of govt job prediction by numerology, Number one represents Sun, it shows a proximity with the government sector in direct or indirect ways. The chances of finding an administrative position in the government sector are high. It shows a great deal of success in areas where politics and direct relationships with the heads and honchos of various departments are considered. The study of Indian polity, civic science, history, and humanitarian subjects may help a person.

Govt Job Prediction by Numerology Number for Number 2 natives :

While going for a govt job prediction numerology experts working with refer moon as the causative factor behind number 2. Areas, where counseling skills or skills for social service are needed, can function as the key result areas. Ideally, a native of number 2 should try to furnish his education in humanitarian subjects with a specialization in social science, psychology, counseling, and areas of social service. Years with a principal number of 2,4,6 and 8 along with the 20th and 29th years of their life may bring success for them.

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Govt Job Prediction by Numerology Number for Number 3 natives:

In the calculations of govt job prediction by date of birth, number 3 symbolizes Jupiter. It means jobs related to higher education, deeper knowledge, guides for research, and intellectual pursuits where they can add a twist of spirituality are good for them. 21st and 30th years of their life along with the years having a principal number 3 are good for attempting various exams. Higher education and a deep dive into a particular subject will always be fruitful.

Govt Job Prediction by Numerology Number for Number 4 natives:

Legal departments, agriculture departments, science faculty (research mainly), and financial sector-related government jobs are good for number 4 natives. While going for a Govt Job Prediction by Numerology, the number 4 signifies the energies of Rahu.  In general, the 22nd and 31st years of the life of such natives will be eventful and chances of getting a government job are higher during these years.

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Govt Job Prediction by Numerology Number for Number 5 natives:

Govt Job Prediction by date of birth refers to number five as a symbol of Mercury, intellectual pursuits, and the ability to represent a department may come into foray when a person is seeking a government job. 23rd and 32nd years of their life may increase the chances of government employment, apart from this, fields of banking, IT, history, and teaching up to some extent may help them to find the right means to cross the road.

Govt Job Prediction by Numerology Number for Number 6 natives:

Government job prediction for the natives of number 6 indicates the prominence of Venus in every department, it shows that fields of teaching, nursing, and assistance to act as a representative in government jobs can be the key result areas. Additionally, the 24th and 31st years of life may bring good news.

Govt Job Prediction by Numerology Number for Number 7 natives:

While going for a govt job prediction by date of birth, number 7, Venus, indicates psychology, technology-driven solutions, chemicals, engineering, digital invention, and strategic planning as the focus areas. It represents the versatility of Ketu, which earmarks an innate ability of a human being to think out of the box. It also shows the intent of a person to come up with something that can change the course of life for a large number of people.

Govt Job Prediction by Numerology Number for Number 8 natives:

Departments related to import, export, trading, and manufacturing are good for the natives of number 8 because of the prominence of Saturn. A positive vibrancy of Saturn can ensure a government job, but be ready to put down a lot of hard work in the form of the accumulation of education and skills. It is important to check the connections between Mercury and Jupiter.

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Govt Job Prediction by Numerology Number for Number 9 natives:

Number nine laid emphasis on areas like police, army, uniformed servicemen, representatives of the sovereign, and an aide to the main administration. The basic Govt Job Prediction by Numerology suggests that individuals hailing from Mars always have a bright chance to score in administrative jobs. They need to work on other meritorious departments of education which can ensure entry for them. Once they will start moving in the corridors of power things may become smooth for them.

While aspiring for a government job it is important to draw a proper action plan to crack the entry barriers. This is where a numerologist working with can help you a lot by defining the currents of destiny and the impacts of the planets during a corresponding period of life. Astrology and numerology can help you understand your life path and which job is best suited for you!

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