10 Surefire Tips to Date a Scorpio Woman

10 Surefire Tips to Date a Scorpio WomanSo you are thinking about dating a Scorpio woman? These 10 surefire tips would be of great help to you. Go try these tips and win your woman!

1. Earn her trust- When you meet a Scorpio woman for the first time, you will find her aloof and quite detached. But once you win her trust, she is an open book for you to read. But mind you, winning the trust of a Scorpio woman is not so easy so try it the hard way or the other way round.

2. Never ever lie to a Scorpio woman – If you seriously want to date a Scorpio woman, make sure you never ever lie to her. A Scorpio woman never forgives liars. So if you happen to be one, you would be playing with fire.

3. Respect & be respected- Respect is a serious matter to a Scorpio woman. She expects her man to respect her and in turn she will shower all her respect on her beau too.

4. Exhibit your love because she likes it- Love is not a game for a Scorpio woman. As a serious person with an intense personality, love is one of the ingredients in her life which she wants in a picture perfect manner. You don’t need to shower her gifts but you sure need to exhibit your love to her and make her sure that your love is genuine and true.

5. Let her listen when you are ready- Remember lying is a big no-no to a Scorpio woman. But a Scorpio woman respects secrets. She has the perfect understanding like no other sign when you run out of words to express yourself or when you are not yet ready to talk or tell something. She will give you all the time on earth to get ready so that she can finally listen.

6. Never ever nag a Scorpio woman- It’s a bad idea to even mention the very term ‘nag’ in front of a Scorpio woman because she does not like it at all. If you ever nag a Scorpio woman, you would be committing the most stupid mistake of your life.

7. She’s hard on the outside, soft inside- Just like a cactus plant, a Scorpio woman seems or most often pretends to be pretty hard on the outside but inside she is as soft as wool. You will come to explore her soft side only when you win her trust.

8. Make honesty the best policy to win her- A Scorpio woman can turn the mountain into dust or make the sea run dry for an honest partner. So if you want to win the love, affection and care of a Scorpio woman make honesty your best ever policy.Venus in Scorpio AD

9. Mind her ego- A Scorpio woman has an ego like the Great Wall of China guarding herself from any possible emotional casualty. But if you understand her well, you will come to realize that her ego is just a fake wall which once destroyed leads you to many sweet surprises about her.

10. Always try to get along with her ambition – A Scorpio woman is usually very ambitious. Sometimes, she will be a perfect guide and mentor in your endeavour. If you find one such woman never let her go because she is precious.

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