Transit of Saturn in Sagittarius – Good Times Ahead Know more!

Transit of Saturn in Sagittarius – Good Times Ahead Know more!

Saturn Entering sagittariusAfter spending almost two and a quarter years in the watery sign Scorpio, the planet of justice, Saturn is going to enter its fiery sign Sagittarius on 26 January 2017. This transit will remain an extremely extraordinary transit as Saturn will change its sign three times throughout the year. This transit is a very unique one as such phenomenon usually does not occur every year. After entering in Sagittarius sign on 26 January, Saturn will become retrograde (Vakri) on 6th April. Moving backward through retrograde motion (Vakri gati) Saturn will re-enter into Scorpio sign on 21st June. From 25th August onwards, Saturn will assume direct motion while it is still in the Scorpio sign.

Moving forward in direct motion (Maargi gati) Saturn will re-enter into Sagittarius sign again on 26 October. Sagittarius sign is the MoolTrikona sign of Jupiter. Fiery by nature, by its characteristics this sign is a dual one. As far as it is mentioned in our classic astrological books, Jupiter is also the significator of justice and honesty in people. So, transit of Saturn through this sign is expected to inject justified thoughts into the mind of people. On the other hand, Sagittarius is the ninth sign of our natural zodiac. Ninth house stands for luck, religious tendencies, spirituality and inclination towards God. In other words, it is called ‘Dharma Sthaan’.

There will be significant changes taking shape visibly in the government machinery and judiciary system to provide transparent policy and strategy making procedures. Good governance is predicted clearly as a result of this transit. Emergence of corrective measures to improve the ongoing processes is seen. Stringent actions will be taken to reduce corruption and anti national activities in a large scale. There will be appropriate initiatives to block the leakages of existing system in our country to ensure growth. Banking sector will get a boost and will be successful in overcoming debts thereby recreating wealth to stabilise the economical scenario. During this transit, significant developments are expected in the stock market which will invite fresh investors and build up confidence among investors.

Where the real estate sector is concerned, the transit might not be a very favourable one as the ninth house in which Saturn is residing falls in the 6th place if counted from the 4th house which denotes landed properties and real estates. The situation however would be different during the period when Saturn will be in Scorpio sign. Struggling circumstances might emerge up for the big players of real estates. Things might not be very clear to many until Saturn comes out of mysterious sign Scorpio after 26 October 2017. This combination of Saturn’s transit through Jupiter’s sign might help to clean up the system and make it more transparent during the tenure of Saturn in Sagittarius sign.

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