New Year Prediction is a guide line for you to plan your course of actions in advance StarsTell

New Year Prediction is a guide line for you to plan your course of actions in advance.

ARIES Dear Arian, the year 2020 starts on an auspicious note for you. Ongoing successful phase of life that you have been enjoying will extend in the New Year too….

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Special Prediction: Retrograde Saturn re-enters Scorpio! Know how will this transit influence your Sign

  Aries – Dear Arian, the transit of Saturn into the Sagittarius sign indicates the end of the influence of Saturn’s Dhaiya on your sign. You will be relieved of…

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Saturn Re-enters Scorpio! Will this Malefic or Benefic your Sign?

In a very rare and unique kind of transit, retrograde Saturn is going to re-enter into Scorpio sign on 21 June 2017, at 04.39 AM to stay there till 26…

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Transit of Saturn in Sagittarius – Good Times Ahead Know more!

After spending almost two and a quarter years in the watery sign Scorpio, the planet of justice, Saturn is going to enter its fiery sign Sagittarius on 26 January 2017….

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Compatibility between a Taurus Man and a Scorpio Woman

A Taurus and a Scorpio make a pair which is more of an interesting enigma. They cannot stand the other and yet cannot live without the other too. A match…

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Retrograde Mars in Transit! How auspicious will this Transit prove to be for your Sign?

The Planet Mars has entered into His own sign Scorpio on 20 February 2016 but from 17 April 2016 onwards, it is moving through retrograde motion in His own sign…

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