Sun Transit in Scorpio (16 November 2022): Know Effects and Remedies!

Sun Transit in Scorpio

Description of Sun Transit Scorpio Sign:

Transit of fiery planet the Sun into watery sign Scorpio is one of its kind, as the Sun is coming out of His weak state of debilitation in Libra sign, to become powerful again. 

Ruler of Scorpio sign, energetic planet Mars is having a very friendly relationship with the Sun, to add another dimension into this celestial happening in the sky. Let us have a look into it.

Sun Transit Scorpio Sign:

The sole energy giver of our universe the Sun is entering into Scorpio sign, on 16th of November 2022, at 19.15 pm, to end His weak state of debilitation, for the period of last one month, in the zodiac.

Scorpio sign is the eighth sign of the natural zodiac and energetic planet Mars rules this sign, who maintains a much friendly relationship with the Sun. 

So, this transit is going to create favourable situation for further education, research work and specialisation type of academic ventures. Fifth house of the natural zodiac is rule by the Sun and it stands for higher education and inborn talents of a person.

Mercury and Venus are already transiting there via Scorpio sign, to be associate with the Sun and offer assertive results for artists and creative people at an appropriate platform.

The Sun enjoys the position of the king in the council of planets. So, entrance of the Sun into Scorpio sign in transit is going to be a very auspicious transit for people placed in highly authoritative position, in general. 

For the natives of Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius Moon signs, this transit will remain more than favourable.

Gemini Moon Sign:

Placement of the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio sign, in sixth house of competitions, is creating the appropriate scenario for washing out their opponents and offer constructive results for them. 

This transit of the Sun is good enough for getting rid of health-related issues and overpowering competitors in the professional arena.

Virgo Moon Sign:

Mercury and Venus, in third house of efforts, is going to help them to bring satisfactory outcomes for their sincere efforts, to their contentment and ensure prosperity. 

After 24th of November, direct motion of Jupiter in their seventh house of social repute promises them to grow more. Transit of the Sun through eleventh house of gains.

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Capricorn Moon Sign:

yield very good results in terms of finances and work done in the past time will appear with rewards. In addition to this, presence of Mercury and Venus in Scorpio sign is forming auspicious ‘TeenGhahee Yog’ for growth, increasing the volume of work as well as revenue generation too.

Aquarius Moon Sign:

Aquarius Moon Sign people will have the Sun, Mercury and Venus placed in their tenth house of profession, to let their ambitious ventures flourish, beyond their calculations.

Being the lords of fifth house of talent and ninth house of luck, Mercury and Venus are creating strong ‘Trikona-Kendra Raaj Yog’, for their delight.

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