New Year Prediction is a guide line for you to plan your course of actions in advance.

New Year Prediction is a guide line for you to plan your course of actions in advance StarsTell


Dear Arian, the year 2020 starts on an auspicious note for you. Ongoing successful phase of life that you have been enjoying will extend in the New Year too. Just be wise to consolidate and strengthen your position, so that you can avoid invisible pitfalls on the road ahead.

Do something encouraging to boost up your morale and self-confidence. There is no dearth of chivalry and charm in your persona through which you will become a centre of attraction in a crowd. After 24th January, the influence of Saturn will get over and better days will soon arrive.

Once the new phase begins, a new zeal will appear within you. This year, you will receive appreciation for the social work you had done earlier. Getting tough tasks done from senior officials will be as smooth as a knife through butter in this year. In matters of your love life, a slight interference of Rahu is there, but, it will get over soon. Overall, the entire year will go on smoothly for you.

Work & Career — You can expect good time for your work and career in 2020. Right from the onset of January, the ambition to achieve something big in your work life is visible. You will start understanding the equation of life better right from the initial days of the year. The influence of Saturn is not so favourable from May till September, so, don’t make any plans during this particular phase. If you want to start any new venture you can plan either before 11 May or after 29 September. It would also be the right time when the right idea will strike your mind for starting anything new and challenging. Growth is visible with you, but, you are advised to work harder than ever before.

Economic Condition — Flow of finances is good for you in 2020. From time to time, you will be tempted to spend on less useful things. You will bear home related major expenses. However, the good news is that you may start getting financial aid from your close relatives in this year. Any discussion about the future will prove fruitful for you and your family.

Family & Love Life — Romance is in the air for your delight. If you already have a romantic affair, then your relationship will become even better and there will be exciting happenings to watch out. You will tend to get emotional very soon and it will be quite easier for you to express your feelings to your love partner. There will be some ups and downs in your relationship in the initial days of this year, but, after 25 June, things will get smoother and sweeter. More room for togetherness will be opened between you and your soul partner.

Good news is on the way for those who were earlier in an unsettled relationship. Before 4 May, an unresolved family issue will get sorted out. For married couples, responsibility towards the spouse will naturally escalate. Just make sure that there is no third person involved in any way between you and your spouse. A lucky surprise is visible there with you to your pleasure. Just wait and watch out.

Education — There is a lack of Rahu’s favour in the field of education. Students are advised to work hard initially after which success will follow them. Students who have completed their basic education can plan to take up technical education this year. They can start their preparations right away. If you are planning to pursue your further studies in some other place, this is the right time for you, so, don’t waste the opportunity. For those who did not complete their study or leave their study in between, this is the best time to resume or complete their course and plan ahead for a bright future.

Health: As per the stars and planets, except for some seasonal sicknesses, you will remain healthy the whole year. However, there may be some worries from children’s side, so, do not take it lightly.
Suggestion: To bear fruit in your efforts and also to retain your mental peace, worship Sun God everyday and also chant ‘Hanuman Chalisa’.


Dear Taurean, 2020 will start in an ordinary manner for you. Work will continue to flow on as it were before. Just make sure you do not make any new plan because there is influence of Saturn on you from 24th January onwards. Do not take any major risk in any work related matter. Do not try to invade in the affairs of others. There may be a final resolution in any give and take or property related matter, but, this may take some time more. In matters of romance, things will remain mundane till 18 June. However, after 13th September, the positive influence of Jupiter will be quite helpful and the room of closeness will open between you and your love partner. You will also meet new people. For students, the second phase of this year will be more result oriented.

Work & Career – You are under the influence of Saturn after 24th January because of which you should refrain from making any new game plan and strategy. There may be a few hardships too. Do not be in a haste to take any major decision or implement any new plan. For the employers, do not run away from the responsibilities and stick to where you are without taking any unnecessary risk. After 13th September, direct motion of Jupiter will bring along a wind of change. Be it at your place of work or at a social platform, you may be entrusted with new responsibilities which you must accept happily.

Economic Condition — With the influence of various stars and planets, right from January to September, things will be a bit tricky for you in matters of wealth. However, after 29 September, everything will be on a normal pace. You may face some ups and downs throughout the year, but, take it easy. You will be able to manage the loads of work on your own. So, take a chill pill and relax!

Education — In the field of education, this year seems not so promising for the natives of Taurus sign. As predicted earlier, the influence of Saturn starts from the end of January and the major examinations fall in March-April. Stop wasting your precious time. Stay focused towards your goal of life. If you want to take part in any competitive examination related to your career, take part with full confidence. Things will become smooth and steady for you once the influence of Saturn becomes positive.

Family & Love Life: A new member will probably join your family. For married couples, good news is on its way. Things and relations will settle down for those who are not yet settled or caught in an unresolved issue. For long term lovers, who had parted their ways due to some misunderstandings, this year may resolve their issues. But, they need to maintain their patience level to overcome this testing phase. Meeting new people and getting accolades may also be possible for you during this year.

Health: Your physical health will remain good this entire year. The negative influence of Saturn right from the beginning of this year, may make you become slow in action and tired. Exercise on a regular basis and maintain a healthy lifestyle to resolve any possible health issue. Health problem of any of your loved ones may also be a bothersome reason for you, so, take medicare.

Suggestion — If you want to ease the complicated issues in your life or minimise the influence of Saturn, chant ‘Shani Chalisha’ or ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ regularly.


An Overview: 2020 is a good year for Gemini people. The favour of Mercury and Sun on you will help you to maintain perfect emotional health, so, you can be mentally prepared to kick start something new. Though there is favour of the stars and planets, the influence of Saturn from 24th January may be a bothersome reason in your life. But, this will not last long. This year, you will be a good manager on many sensitive things such as family, work related matters and social platforms. Love life and career will be steady. Those who are into social service will get appreciation for their selfless work.

Work & Career: In your work related matters, things are seen steady for you till the start of April. After 11th May, due to the influence of Saturn, there may be a few hurdles in your career and your efforts may go in vain or to say, you need to work harder and never leave anything on luck. The pleasing influence of Jupiter from 13 September will steadily improve things. This year is a good time to make investment in properties. For employers, the stars are in their favour and as such they may win accolades and their business may boom too. For those who have been unemployed for a long time, a desired career option is there on the card.

Economic Condition: Your economic condition is normal in 2020, only if you do not borrow from others to settle down anything. Anything done in the past will bring fruitful results for you this year. You will tend to spend a little more time either on children’s study or on a major occasion at your home. So, make plans in advance to avoid any economic hassle in the future. As per the stars, there is possibility of acquiring wealth from a different source. Stay positive!

Family & Love Life: In family matters, there may be a massive change. New family members may join to increase the league. The worry of the elder members of the family may come to an end. Besides, shifting to a new home may bring along a reason to celebrate and stay contented. You will gel perfectly well with your life partner all throughout the year. This is just the right time to chalk out appropriate game plans for the future with your spouse. The unwanted interference of a third person may tend to bring in misunderstandings between you and your beloved. So, it is advisable to handle things diplomatically. For beginners, success is there on the card, so, get, set and move ahead to kick start something new.

Education — In education and career, fruitful results will further boost your confidence and caliber. If you are taking part in any competitive examinations, try to understand the value of time. Once you get time, join a coaching class to aid your preparation. You may miss an admission or chance to hit the right track of your career, so, plan and work out things on time.

It is advisable that you get along with experienced persons to get suitable advice about your career. Success is very much on the cards, if you are planning to pursue further studies in a foreign country.
Health – The first half of this year is pretty good for your health and you will enjoy a renewed freshness and energy within yourself. Stick to home made food and avoid eating outside as much as you can as your health may become irksome in the second half of this year.

Suggestion — To push away all your tensions and worries, offer laddoo to Lord Ganesha every Wednesday.


An Overview: New Year 2020 is going to be a very special and fruitful year for Cancer Moon sign natives. Right from the beginning of this year, a new zeal and confidence will build up within you. Your life will go through a few stages of transformation. Pleasant news from your loved ones will become a reason to celebrate at your home and the whole year will joyfully pass by. Materialistic contentment envelops your mind as a great desire. You will be rewarded for your sincere efforts at the work front. The dream of a desired post may come true for you this year. You can also excel at your desired field. For work related matters, the favourable period is till 14 May. Anything you try to achieve during this period will be fruitful.

Work & Career: Talking about your work, time and situation both are in your favour in 2020. For employers, June is the right month during which their plans will bear fruit. Direct aspect of Saturn on your sign from 24th January is not a favourable thing, but, this will not persist for long. Things are likely to move at a fast pace from the beginning of the year. With your great deal of energy, you will be able to come across any challenge or changes. Refrain from challenging your superior as it will not prove good for you.

Economic Condition: As per the stars, this year your economic condition will remain stable. You will get the chance to explore new avenues, but, make sure that you are hitting on the right target. You may get carried away by the suggestions of others because of which there may be a financial constraint. If you lend money to someone, there are pretty good chances of getting it back in the time of need.

Family & Love Life: This year, the sweetness in emotional relationships will retain its taste. Planning together for the days of future will be quite an easy task for you. You will love to explore new avenues in your social arena. Any tiff between lovers or unsettled relationship statuses will be easily resolved in this year. For those who are hunting for the right soul partner, good news will soon surprise them. Make the most of every moment or available opportunities as this is quite a special year for you.

Education: 2020 is a lucky year for students. Getting recruitment or placement at a desired organisation is very much there on the cards. There is a great chance for getting a reputed job, if you are completing your course this year. Confidently take part in competitive examinations as there are pretty good chances to get success.

Health — 2020 is good for you in terms of physical health and wellness. Blessed with good health condition, you can bring fruitful results in anything you do. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle and regular exercise will be the secret mantras to remain healthy throughout the year.
Suggestion — To improve your current situation and acquire substantial amount of wealth, indulge in regular worship of Lord ShivJee and devote yourself to the Almighty God.


An Overview: 2020 will be a steady and lucky year for Leo Moon sign natives. The influence of Saturn will come to an end by 24th January. Any work that you started earlier will bear its fruit from this year. Chances are there for you to play a key role in an auspicious event. You may get hefty benefit from both your work and other sources. With your expertise in marketing field, you can also earn good benefit in your business during this year. Significant progress is visible in anything you take up. But, stay alert from your professional rivals. A trusted friend may change his/her colour for his/her own beneficial reason, so, stay alert. For Leo women, this year will be quite successful. Make the most of the available opportunities.

Work & Career: For work related matters, this year will remain quite normal for you. If you put your sincere efforts with diligence and dedication, you will get exceptionally good results. For employers, profit will pour in along with new responsibilities. You will get respect in the society and people will come to take advice from you. If you have been waiting for a dream job, this is the right year when your dream will really come true.

Economic Condition: This year is going to be an auspicious and lucky year for you as the influences of Saturn on you will be over. You can get tough tasks done easily without any hindrances. You may spend a bit on social and religion related works, for which you will receive appreciation from every corner. You can also easily spend for an auspicious occasion at your home. This year is quite lucky for you, so, you can make all your materialistic desires come true.

Family & Love Life: As per the influence of the favourable planetary forces, your love life will go through an exciting phase. Always keep your cool maintained, if you want to sustain a steady relationship. Married couples can decide things together without any stumbling blockage. This year, you may also get some aid from your soul partner. For those who are yet to tie the knot, a pleasant surprise is on its way. Buying a new house, vehicle or fulfilling one of your materialistic desires is quite possible for you in this year.

Education: 2020 is a good year for students. This is the right time for you to take up courses in specific fields, such as banking, finance or insurance sector. If you work a little harder, your honest efforts will prove fruitful. For those who did not complete their course or put their study on hold, this is a favourable year to finish or re-start their study again. The result of any examination will be in your favour. For students who have completed their course, getting job in a desired position is quite probable. Success is clearly seen in your chart, so, try anything confidently and with great zeal.

Health — This year, there will be frequent short distance travel plans for you. Whether you will take it or not, there are work related tours for you at far-off places. Do not neglect your health during such tours. A pilgrimage tour with your family members is seen on your star. However, you will tend to get worried because of the health condition of one of your loved ones during the trip.

Suggestion — To solve your complicated issues of life or boost your charisma, devote yourself to Sun God.


An Overview: New Year 2020 will start in a spectacular note for Virgo Moon sign people. The aspect of Saturn on your sign is going to be over from 24 January. Perhaps it is the reason why there will be much excitement in your life from the initial phase of this year. This will help to push of your work. Things will go in an extra ordinary pace in regard to your work. Starting new ventures will, however, take some more time. You will be able to fulfill the needs of your family, but, with a slight discontentment in your heart.

Think wisely before making investment in landed property as you may tend to borrow from others for this matter. Married life will remain mundane. There may be a tiff with one of your close relatives. So, be ready to face the situation with persistence. You may get chances to travel around during which you will also get benefits. For businessmen, going abroad is very much on the cards.

Work & Career — Interference and influences of various planetary forces are visible in your career front during 2020. Aspect of Saturn on your sign ends on 24th January and will help you to experience new changes. So, wait for the right time to start any new venture or business in partnership basis. Many striking opportunities will come for those who are yet to kick start their professional career, but, it is highly advisable to decide and choose the right option. New Year 2020 proves to be lucky for professionals in the field of art and media. Things will go on a progressive pace at the workplace.

Do not take any unnecessary risks in any area. Do not think about investing in tiny business projects. Focus and don’t let your mind wander here and there. Stick to your current responsibilities till better one arrives soon.
Economic Condition: Right from the start of the year, your economic condition will start to improve. If you want to invest your idle funds, take time to think about it. Do not take the risk of investing in new areas. By the second half of this year, your financial condition will change and you can start making fresh plans. You may get tempted to fulfill your materialistic wishes, but, if you can stop yourself from doing so, you will not regret later.

Family & Love Life: Aspect of Saturn on your sign will be over and it could be a reason for joy in your family circle. Take out some time for your spouse and try to refrain from meaningless arguments or discussions. Keep your calm intact and try to handle things in a diplomatic way. Do not get carried away by any new friendship with anyone. You should indulge in religious activities as they will prove to be helpful for you.

Try to live up to the expectation of your family people and take good care of your children. Blessings of your parents are a must have for you. This year will prove quite lucky for lovers. Mistrusting your love partner or inability to give enough time may prove fatal to your ongoing relationship. So, try to think and act logically before getting suspicious towards your beloved. For those who are not yet in any relationship, good news will surprise them by March.

Education: By the mid of the first phase of this year, students may go through a difficult time. So, it is advisable for them to value their precious time. Focus on your studies without getting distracted by anything else. Appear competitive examinations with hard work and confidence. Any negligence may become a hurdle for you in the future, so, be serious and remain focused. Students completing their study this year may need to appear in certain tests to kick start their career. Stay in touch with experienced people in the relevant field.

Health — Do not neglect anything when it comes to your health and wellness. Maintain a healthy diet and nurture a habit of regular exercise to maintain sound health condition. Your health will improve visibly by the end of this year.

Suggestion — Offering prayers to Lord ShivJee and Kali Mata will be helpful for you. Chant ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ on a daily basis, if you want to improve your level of life.


An Overview: New Year 2020 indicates good sign for Libra Moon sign natives as Saturn will be there in your fourth house from 24 January. Saturn will bring positivity to your work and professional matters. You will be able to achieve success in work and career which will lead you to the path towards progress. There will be stability in the flow of work for businessmen. Stay calm while talking with others to avoid any obstacle in performing your family duties. Ignoring the demands of your children could become a headache for you. For students, this year will be a better one as compared to the previous year and it will bring good results for your hard work. Tours are seen with you to visit amazing places.

Work & Career: Job and business will be better during this year. You will receive the results of your previous works in this year. You are most likely to get support from your boss as well as from your co-workers. Individuals who are looking for a job opening are most likely to be successful.

In addition, there are chances that you might get a promotion or a hike in salary. Transit of other planets could periodically bring out your inner creativity, however, at the same time the transit of some planets would provide strength in the most difficult circumstances. Before implementing any plans, you must analyse minute details of the plan and you should scrap the thought of starting a new project with new individuals suddenly, from your mind. Those who are in a job will get promotion by the middle of this year. Problems with colleagues at workplace shall reduce drastically.

Economic Condition: This year shall be favourable to you to a great extent of New Year 2020 from the economical point of view. Besides getting money in the very beginning of this year, you might receive ancestral property too. You will get profit, if you have invested in a new business venture, however, it will be wise to proceed after thorough consideration. It will be beneficial to consult with an experienced person before investing in landed property or real estate. Do not rush while transaction of money, there is a risk of betrayal from your friends or trusted ones, therefore, you should exercise adequate precaution. It will be wise not to indulge in gambling or lottery.

Family & Love Life: You might feel discomfort while dealing with your family people because of your indifferent attitude towards your relatives. Therefore, you should behave rationally. As far as your relationship with your life partner is concerned, there might be ideological difference because of an outsider person. Do not consider someone’s love relation as an accidental love as this might increase your displeasure. There will be ups and downs in your ongoing love relationship; however, it can be resolved sensibly. This year will bring favourable prospective of relationship for the singles, which will bring good ambience to the family.

Education: New Year 2020 will remain normal for students. Success in examination will be entirely dependent on your hard work. You might receive help from teachers and elders. The first half of the year is good for interviews and you will be successful in any test or interview in which you are appearing. You will be able to enroll into your favourite institution and course during this time. Those who finished their studies during the first half will not sit idle for too long and will get a job opening. This year is also good for those who have stopped their studies and who want to re-enroll into education once again.

Health: In terms of health and wellness, this year will be moderately good for you. Absence of idleness and weather related diseases might be the reason for your bodily balance. Therefore, you will be able to take very good care of yourself and it is advised to avoid eating outside and refrain from using intoxicant substances. There will be a constant concern regarding the health condition of your family members. You should try to maintain harmony in your marital life also.

Suggestions: Respect the power of women and receive prosperity along with progress. You must establish ‘Shree Yantra’ made of crystal at the temple in your house without fail.


An Overview: In New Year 2020, individuals with Scorpio Moon sign will have a normal year because of the absence of ongoing influence of Saturn. This transit will mark its effect in by creating a situation of prosperity at your work place. Results of your efforts will be delivered without delay. One thing is certain that you will be able to get some achievements in the work front. Doubt and dilemma might be removed from the minds of individuals who are currently in their profession.

There is hope to solve dispute related with ancestral properties during second half of the year. Difficult problems shall get solved through positive thinking and intelligence rather than overconfidence. The household environment will remain as pleasant. There might be strong desire of possessing materialistic pleasures in your mind. In this year, there are more chances visible for many foreign trips. However, short trips related to business will also continue.

Work & Career: Work and business will be slow but steady at the starting of the year, but, it will gain its speed in the second half of this year. As mentioned before, effect of Saturn on your Moon sign is going to be over from 24th January. Working professionals may find success during the second half of the year. You will receive support from senior officials in your office.

In other words, you will get opportunity to bag new contract and job. It would be better to start a new profession during the second half of the year. This year, Jupiter will also bring changes in your professional life by September. Relationship with politicians and highly placed officials will increase and you will receive help about work from them. Unemployed individuals will get their favourite job around end of March. Small traders are also expected to amass huge profit in this year.

Economic Condition: You may get a new source of income in the later part of this year. There will be no increase in accumulation of money because you are expected to spend more than you earn. Interest in good deeds will increase and will receive financial help from a friend. In the middle of the year, you will be compelled to make investments because of the advice of others, but, you are advised to not to get tempted on breathtaking schemes. If you want to buy a house, then you would be able to fulfill your desire through bargaining.

Family & Love Life: Your family life is going to be great in New Year 2020. You will receive unconditional support from your brothers and sisters. If there is any problem in your married life, it may get resolved provided that you keep an assertive angle of view and bring flexibility in your nature. Remember not to indulge in anything which is not acceptable to your life partner. Any decision you take during this year will benefit you in the long run. You will be at your best in public platforms. There is no need to panic, if there is problem in your love life in the beginning of this year, because there are pretty good chances of prosperity in your ongoing love relationship.

If there is misunderstanding in relationship, it would be beneficial for you to solve it as soon as possible. Befriending new friends in your life may be the most important event of this year. Unmarried individuals, who have not been able to find a compatible life partner for a long time, might get to hear good news soon. In other words, there is a possibility of tying the knot this year.

Education: In the field of education, time is seen to be favourable for you. You will not be disappointed with the upcoming results; instead, you will be easily enrolled to new courses. Hard work will not go in vain for those, who are engaged in competitive tests. Those who left their studies in between and want to re-enroll will be able to restart with a little effort. They only need strong desire and complete devotion. Meritorious students might receive scholarships and satisfactory job placement.

Health: Your health is going be pretty good this year and there will be increase in your will power. However, it will be beneficial if you could stay away from outside food as much as possible. You will need to ignore small talks in your home or outside and adopt a way to remain busy and happy. This will help you to pursue your ambitious goal with constantly calm mind.

Suggestion: Do not forget to visit Shri Hanuman Jee Temple on Tuesdays. If possible, recite ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ every day. This will keep your moral high, all the time.


An Overview: New Year 2020 will be a satisfying year for you even if Sagittarius sign is going to be out of the influence of Saturn. However, the positions of other planets indicate that goals set during this year can be easily accomplished. Jupiter will enter Capricorn sign on 30th March and will retrograde on 14th May and will return to Sagittarius sign on 30th June and will assume direct motion on 13th September and will return to Capricorn sign again on 20th November.

Other than this, Jupiter will remain combust till 10th January in Sagittarius sign, because of which job and business might not remain that much satisfactory for you. Those who have interest in politics would be able to show their influence in the society. You will get back any wealth, which has been stuck for a long time and your desire to invest in various fields will be fulfilled. Domestic atmosphere will be enjoyable, however, differences of opinion with your loved ones might persist. The main attraction of this year would be more of materialistic passion. This year will be good from the point of travelling and will also give you the opportunity to visit religious shrines.

Work Prediction: In terms of career growth, this year will be progressive. This year might prove to be great for working individuals because the positions of the planets indicate getting a promotion. Your boss will be satisfied with your work which might result in increase in recurring income. Your good performance will reflect well in your career graph. It will prove to be beneficial if you maintain a sober decorum towards your seniors.

This year might prove to be profitable for merchants, but, in the last few months of the year, you should invest with caution. Before taking any decision, the good and bad consequences must be considered. Efforts of those individual who are trying to change their work domain will prove to be meaningful. Time is ideal for the expansion of network; however, competition in any situation will not be good.

The unemployed people will soon get a job related to their field. In this year, little effort will result into spectacular success, so, take full advantage of it. In terms of administration, you will not only benefit, but, there will be increase in respect, fame and glory.

Economic Prediction: You would not be able to spend freely in the first half of the year, but, you would be able to afford the necessitude quite comfortably. This is the time when your prior saving will come in handy. New sources of income might emerge in the second half of the year, which will not relief you, but, boost your morale also. Systematic plan of investment can be made on any day of this year.

However, you are strictly advised not to invest in more than one plan. You will receive materialistic satisfaction during this year and future plans will be based on economic feasibility. Individuals, who are in controversy over their paternal property, might take some more time to resolve it.

Family & Love Life: New Year 2020 will remain flexible in terms of family and personal affairs. Ideal position of other planets indicates that there will be addition of a new member in the family and unmarried individuals will find their dream partner. During auspicious ceremonies at home, you will meet certain people who might become very important to you in future.

During this period, spend much delightful time with your family members and you will receive splendid love and blessings from your parents. Your relationship with your family members will remain cordial enough. Those who are already in love will have difficulty agreeing with the opinion of their partner. Remember, do not doubt the intention of your partner and do not be carried away with the words of others.

If you act wisely, it could reduce the growing distance with your life partner and bring strength in your relationship. For those who are still looking for a soul partner, friends may help them out to settle down in a steady relationship.

Education & Career: New Year 2020 is good for students. The year is favourable for students of science and psychology. There are signs of success in competitive examinations. You must respect the value of time and if you have set any goal, then you should indulge yourself from now on and you will become successful. You are likely to get the support of planets for success in competitive tests. However, it is advisable to not to let your overconfidence dominate you. If you have to appear in an interview, eat sweet curd at home and proceed. Do not procrastinate and manage your time properly.

Health: You should take care of your physical health. Some problem could occur because of eating fast food items. There are also chances of skin problem with you, therefore, take special care of your food intake, so that it would not affect your work capabilities. Do not forget to carry essential medicines while travelling.

Suggestion: Always worship goddess Kali Mata and recite ‘Shani Chalisa’ so that your confidence stays always high and remain so, while facing adverse circumstances.


An Overview: Your sign lord, Saturn, will enter into your sign on 24th of January. So, the start of the year might be slow, but, it will get better. There might be problem in health and wealth, due to unwanted presence of Jupiter in Sagittarius sign. Working individuals will have problems, but, you need not to worry as you will get all the remedies with due course of time.

The only need of the hour is patience and self-control to let the phase pass by. Positive influence of planets could open up new doors for you after 18th September. The unsecure investments of the beginning of this year could trouble you, so, you must move forward only as per the advice of your consultant. You will be respected in your family circle and society and people would like to take your appropriate advice.

You would be able to enjoy materialistic pleasure in later part of the year. Your relation with your parents will remain strong. You might pay visits to religious shrines. Your friends will be thankful for your timely help. Other than this, 2020 will be good for studies and interviews, provided the students stick to their goals only.

Work & Career: New Year 2020 will be moderately favourable for work and business and there will be no obstacle in the progress of work because of the presence of Saturn in your sign. Individuals with jobs will be able to show case their talent in their workplace which would not be ignored by the officers. Administrative work will be completed later, but, it will be beneficial and there will be no financial problem in starting a new project. You might get your dream job by the second half of the year.

Businessmen should take calculated risks with prudence. This year, there might be ups and downs in the flow of work, however, there is possibility of starting a long term project, which will keep you more than occupied. Your sign lord, Saturn, will enter into your sign on 24th January and will become retrograde on 11th May and will assume direct motion on 29th September. He will be in combust state till 30th January and will return to His powerful self afterwards. On the other hand, Jupiter will be present in your sign from 30th March, which will have visible impact on your spirit to work. This will help in improving the condition of your work till 30 June.

Economic Condition: New Year 2020 will be normal for you from the financial point of view. You have to have control over your habit of unnecessary spending. And remember the money that you save now will become handy in the days of future. You should act cautiously while transacting money even with your close family members and relatives. Second half of the year is good for businessmen. There is possibility of acquiring sudden wealth from ancestral property or lottery. Materialistic pleasure will come to your kitty, later in the year.

Family & Love Life: There will be no big difference in family atmosphere, but, you will experience joy attending auspicious ceremonies. Some members of your family will be able to help you financially. Timely advice of your spouse will have significant importance for you. You will get support in your love life from family members and also get help to make future plans. It will be a dream come true time for those, who are waiting for someone to arrive in their life. 2020 will bring happy days for the unmarried individuals too. They are unlikely to find a love partner in the beginning of the year. Try to express your special feelings to your secret love acquaintance, without being too aggressive. You are expected to get success after some time.

Education: New Year 2020 is good enough for students. Students appearing in competitive exams are likely to succeed and if your hard work is focused on the right direction, you will be able to get enrolled in your favourite institution. The interruptions in your studies will end this year but you have to stay away from your passionate activities only then you would be able to succeed in the field of higher studies. You should give interviews and competitive tests with full confidence.

This year will prove to be perfect for those who left their studies in the mid-way and who would like to start again. You might get a chance to go abroad to pursue further studies.
Health: You will go on a few short pleasure trips with your family members. Business tours are also there with you to bring bulk orders. However, you need to take proper care of your physical health. You might have to face minor problems from weather change and bad food habits. You should try to be happy to avoid mental stress.

Suggestion: Worship goddess Kali Mata on Saturdays to make the most out of the available opportunities and to invite good luck.


An Overview: New Year 2020 indicates little progress for Aquarius Moon sign natives. This year you will get small success in work as well as receive meager respect in the society. Businessmen will be able to expand their business network through tough conditions. Your priority will be to implement new schemes.

This year Saturn will enter into Capricorn on 24th January, will become retrograde on 11th May and will resume direct motion on 29th September. Saturn will remain combust till 30th January to remain weak in power. On the other hand, Jupiter, who is the ruler of your wealth and income houses, will be present in eleventh house of income till 30th March. This will result in significant rise in your recurring income.

However, it will be unwise to depend on your luck only in certain matters. You are advised not to become overconfident. Those who are working will get new opportunities and they should take full advantage of it. There will be an ambience of cheer in household matters and will receive materialistic pleasures too. You could get social recognition for your selfless activities.

Work & Career: You will get success in job and business through hard work only. New Year 2020 could prove to be better for anything related with your career. There is possibility for progresses in your professional front, so, do not allow lack of hard work get in your way. If you want to relocate, you should intensify your efforts, because the new job could be a good start of your career abroad.

This year will be favourable for those who are involved in the fields of law, medicine and commerce. Your competitors will be eager to settle an equation of comfort with you, but, you need not become very much sensitive about it. You should remain honest while dealing with your business partner or it could create undue tension. Overall, it can be said that there will be progress and growth in income and new doors will open for investments. Business environment will be in your favour and you will receive materialistic pleasures.

Economic Condition: New Year 2020 will show improvement in financial matters and you will become so competent that you will be able to help the needy. However, before helping others, you should assess your requirement first. You should reduce unnecessary spending, so that it will not be a problem in the future. This saving will be useful in the days of need in future. You should take precaution while transacting money during the second half of the year. You will have success in property related work. This year is likely to be favourable for traders and businessmen.

Family & Love Life: Your relationship with your close family members and children will remain favourable and you will get full support from your spouse. The problems with your brothers and friends will get sorted out. Family decisions should be taken with clear thought and frank discussions with everyone. In order to keep your relations sweet, you should coordinate with others. You need to take some time out from your busy schedule for your life partner, so that there will be no sourness in your intimate relationship.

You are advised to spend more quality time with your life partner and children and indulge in some kind of playful activities with them. You will get new direction regarding your love life. Your relationship might get into trouble because of interference of others, so, you need to be cautious. While mingling with new people, you should make sure that it would not affect your ongoing relationship. You might receive a cute gift and huge respect from your friends. Unmarried individuals are likely to hear good news and will find dependable friends.

Education: New Year 2020 will be good for education and interviews and any upcoming results will please your heart. This year your dream to study abroad might come true and you will get enrollment in your favourite institute. This year will be very important for competitive examinations also. Those who have already completed or who are going to complete their studies soon will get a job in just a few trials.

Health: You are expected to make certain short distance trips from the very beginning of this year. These trips will include religious places also. You have to take precautions of your valuable items while travelling alone. This year is good for your physical health and you may find yourself more energetic and enthusiastic. It will be wise to follow traffic rules and regulations while driving a vehicle.

Suggestion: Worship your favourite God in order to make your life style better and keep your morale high.


An Overview: New Year 2020 is a very special year for Pisces Moon sign people. Your hard work will bear sweet fruits in this year. Anything that you work on will take some time to give results, but, do not get disheartened about it. Try to make the best use of your valuable time and do not fall victim to any poor habits.

Start anything only after you feel it right to pursue. By mid-year, your income will probably improve. Do not share the secret of your success to anyone. Think about every angles before you set forth for long distance journey. It is expected to be a gala time for your family life. You may get sufficient help from your spouse and you can also expect to hear good news from your children.

Work & Career: Things will go on an ordinary pace at the place of work. For employers, do not take any unnecessary risk. Whether in rage, or by the influence of anyone, do not leave your current job without having another option in your hand as it will trigger pressure on your nerves. Avoid negligence in the responsible arenas of your work. If you start any work with diligence and dedication, you will be able to relish its fruits. Your work will impress everyone in the room.

This year is also the right time for you to learn something new related with your career. Try to get along with your seniors at the work place. You will get to meet a few important personalities through your friends or close relatives. While taking any major decision, always stick to your values and principles. Things will go on at a slow pace, but, you will not lose your confidence. You will easily cope up with timely help of others. Bright opportunities will be available for job seekers.

Economic Condition: Aspect of Saturn, on your sign, will prevail for quite long time right from the beginning of 2020. Ups and downs will be there, but, you will be able to manage things efficiently. After 13th September, direct motion of Jupiter will help you to work out complicated things easily. In the second half of this year, your long cherished wishes will come true.

Family & Love Life: In New Year 2020, your family life will remain normal. Varied decisions may trigger a tussle in your family front, but, it come under control easily. Try to give quality time to your spouse to maintain the sweetness of your emotional relationship. If there is any argument, wait for the right time to let it get resolved on a natural pace. Under any circumstances, do not vent out your anger on your children.

Try to stay away from gossips and misunderstandings, if you do not want any problem to arise in your love life. Never hesitate to pass your frank opinion on any topic, as it may end up hurting the sentiment of others. Do not get carried away by your emotional vibes. Good news is on the way to cheer you up.

Education: Matters related with education will proceed in an ordinary way. Self-confidence will pave its way to success for students appearing for competitive tests. Make your own way to get admission in a preferred institute. There are bright chances of getting employed right after completion of your course. Receiving scholarship for further studies at an elite foreign institute is there with you.

Health — Be careful about your digestive health condition. Due to your irregular eating habits, you may come across some illness related to your stomach or intestine. Maintain a healthy routine to avoid any unwanted sickness. Change your lifestyle, if possible, to score a better mark on the health parameter.

Suggestion — To ensure that luck remains favourable for you, devote yourself to the service of the Almighty God.

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