Transit of Mercury in Aquarius Sign

Transit of Mercury in Aquarius Sign


Fast track planet Mercury entering friendly sign Aquarius, to join the Sun, the Moon and Venus, to create rare ‘ChaturGrahee Yog’ and offer auspicious results for us. Take a look into it, in details.

Planet of intelligence, Mercury, is going to enter into the airy sign Aquarius, on 11th of March 2021, at 12.30 pm, to join the Sun, the Moon and Venus and create ‘ChaturGrahee Yog’ in the sky.

Mercury is the second most fastest moving planet in the zodiac that takes 18 days to cross a sign. Mercury will remain here till the 1st of April 2021.

As the Sun and Mercury together form ‘BudhAditya Yog’, which known for the excellence of the brain. 

According to the Indian System of Vedic Astrology, Mercury given the status of a prince represents an intelligent class of people and matters related to creativity and inventive pursuits.

Auspicious results expected for TaurusLibraCapricorn and  Aquarius Moon sign natives. For Taurus Moon Sign people, Mercury is the ruler of the fifth house and occupying the tenth house of career to create ‘Trikona-Kendra Raaj Yog’ for them and offer auspicious results, without fail.

Support from senior officers, an increase in the area of operation and all expect to come to them as a result of this transit.

For the natives of Libra Moon Sign, it is going to be a very auspicious transit to reduce the obstacles and give satisfactory results of their efforts.

Association with the Sun, the Moon and Venus will be there with Mercury, till 17th of this month, to help them to sort out complicated issues easily.

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Those who are born with Capricorn Moon Sign are expected to experience good changes on their family front. Financial matters are seen to emerge with better prospects.

Ongoing problems are likely to get solve amicably, in this month. Venus will enter into Pisces sign, after the 17th, to become exalted, means most powerful in the sky.

In the case of Aquarius Moon Sign people, this transit is happening in this sign only, which could widen the possibilities of earning more bucks, for their delight.

A long-lasting relationship with potentially sound business houses will come to the fore to let them grow more.

So, this transit is going to be a unique one, to offer wide prospects and new avenues to help them to grow and shine. To know the result of this transit on other Moon signs click here.

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