Taurus Daily Horoscope

(April 21 - May 21)

Know All About Taurus

Personality :

Taurus the second sign in the Zodiac symbolizes The Bull They are most practical and reliable members of the Zodiac. They happily plod along to the finish line and reap rewards. They prefer to take each day as it comes and work towards their ultimate goal. Their strength is in their stability loyalty and dogged determination. They want to get the job done and they will.

Love Trait :

Taurus is sentimental in both love and romance. They romance once and that is unlikely to die even when they settle down to the routines of married life. They enjoy spending time with loved ones and are especially drawn towards children.

Compatibility :

  • Cancer
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio

Best Match:

  • Cancer

Yesterday's Horoscope

Your prediction of the day indicates the anxiety that passes through your mental condition due to the old problem. Your own effort at work will get positive results. When you study your finances, you are advised to make a reasonable decision. You can expect the spouse, children and friends to cooperate with your efforts. This is a good time for students. Are advised to take care of your health.

Today's Horoscope

Your prediction for this day indicates that joy and enthusiasm will mark your day. Unexpected good news will keep your spirit high. The day is good if new projects are inaugurated. Your financial situation is seen to be improving. May think of spending for religious reasons. Will be sure to complete the completed projects. Those who want a marriage age will get favorable ideas through someone they know. Health will be good.

Tomorrow's Horoscope

Your day prediction indicates that good behavior toward your self-mate will be helpful in strengthening your relationship. Give your soul mate more time. You will complete your work by combining your heart and soul. You will enjoy the enthusiasm and the joy of your work. The increase in expenses incurred by your relatives will save you.

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