Combustion of Saturn

Combustion of Saturn 2021

Description- Close proximity to the Sun is making Saturn combust, to reduce His power, to an extent, for a duration of 33 days. Association of debilitated Jupiter is making the…

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Sun, Mars and Retrograde Mercury in transit! How significant is it for you?

Three planets, namely, the Sun, Mars and retrograde Mercury are going to be associated in Leo sign on 27 August 2017 to stay together till 16 September 2017. Fifth sign…

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Significance of Kanwar during Sawan Maas

In the lunar month of Shravan, groups of devotees of Lord ShivJee, called ‘Kanwaria’s in colloquial language, goes walking on their foot to collect holy water from Ganga river or…

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Sawan Maas or Shravan Month(2021) – Why is it an important and auspicious month?

Sawan month is name after the Moon’s twenty-second constellation ‘Shravana Nakshatra’. The Moon, Herself, rules over this constellation. In transit of the planetary council, when the Sun enters into Cancer…

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