Significance of Kanwar during Sawan Maas

Significance of Kanwar during Sawan Maas In the lunar month of Shravan, groups of devotees of Lord ShivJee, called ‘Kanwaria’s in colloquial language, goes walking on their foot to collect holy water from Ganga river or any nearby holy river to bring water in two earthen pots to pour that water on Shiv Lingam in a Shiv Temple in their local area to invite blessings of Baba Bholenath. To carry those earthen pots they prepare a colourful carrier and beautifully decorate that carrier with flowers and other decorative items to give it an attractive look. People goes in groups from the same locality and shout the name of ‘Jai Bhole Nath’ or ‘Bhole Bom’ to energise themselves and increase enthusiasm during this long and tiring barefoot journey. On the way of their travelling path, people make shelters on roadsides to offer them water, fruits, medicines and places to take rest for these devotees of Lord ShivJee to earn virtue. After taking rest for sometime these people begins their journey again to reach their destination Shiv Temple on or before Chaturdashi tithi to pour that holy water on Shiv Lingam. Some of these devotees cross a distance of upto 200-250 kilometers to bring holy water and pour it on the day of ShivRatri of Shravan month. They restrain themselves strictly from any kind of intoxicant items or practices, non-vegetarian foods, alcoholic drinks, smoking etc. during this journey. This act of restricting themselves from these types of vices helps them attaining salvation as well as limitless blessings of Lord ShivJee.

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