Sawan Maas or Shravan Month(2021) – Why is it an important and auspicious month?

Sawan 2021

Sawan month is name after the Moon’s twenty-second constellation ‘Shravana Nakshatra’. The Moon, Herself, rules over this constellation. In transit of the planetary council, when the Sun enters into Cancer sign, the fourth sign of our zodiac, solar Shravan or Shawan month begins.

However, the lunar Shawan month begins on a different day as per the movement of the Moon in the sky. It is the second month of the rainy season, which is called Varsha Ritu in Hindi language. Rain, thunderstorm, heavy downpour and budding flowers are the companions of this month.

Sawan 2021 Start Date

This year solar Sawan month has started from 16 July 2021 and lunar Sawan month will begin from 25 July 2021. In our Hindu religion, there is a very close connection between Shravan month and Lord Shiv Jee.

Sawan month begins when the Sun enters into watery sign Cancer and ruler of Cancer sign is the Moon. The Moon is a watery planet and possesses the quality of giving fluctuations and sudden developments in our life.

Waning Moon has Her place in the head of Lord Shiv Jee and Monday is the day of the week, which is ruled by the Moon only. Thus, people worship Lord Shiv Jee every Monday of this month, to bring stability to their personal as well as professional lives.

Most people observe Sawan Somvaar Vrat during this month, to receive blessings from Lord Shiv Jee. Some of the devotees of Lord Shiv Jee starts Solah Somvaar Vrat from the first Monday of lunar Shravan month to continue for sixteen consecutive Mondays.

Observing fast and worshipping Lord Shiv Jee is also done on the days of Pradosh Vrat, during this month.

Performing Shiv Pujan in the evening of Pradosh Vrat gives wealth and brings happiness to family life. Some people go on their foot to collect water from the Ganga River to bring Ganga water from there and comes back to Shiv Temple walking, to pour that water on Shiv Lingam on the Chaturdashi Tithi of Krishna Paksha, i.e.,

14th lunar day of dark lunar half of this month. Unmarried girls observe fast on Mondays during this month, to get the most eligible husband and enjoy affluence and abundance in their married life.

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