Shravan Month and the Important Rituals of this Month

Lunar Shravan month begins when the Moon crosses Purnima tithi of Ashaadh month, i.e., the third month of our Hindi calendar. This month, it is going to begin on 10…

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Naag Panchami – How and why is it significant?

Naag Panchami which is also known as Garuda Panchami is a festival that is celebrated across the country. This year Naag Panchami will be celebrated on 7th August to please…

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Sawan Maas or Shravan Month(2020) – Why is it an important and auspicious month?

Shravan month is named after the Moon’s twenty-second constellation ‘Shravana Nakshatra’. The Moon Herself rules over this constellation. In transit of the planetary council, when the Sun enters into Cancer,…

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