Free Online Astrology Consultation for Career: How to Navigate Success

People frequently find themselves at a crossroads in their search for a rewarding profession, unsure of which direction to choose. Many have turned to unorthodox methods, such as free online…

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lucky colour

Paint Your Destiny: A Guide to Your Lucky Colours in 2024

In the field of astrology, there are twelve zodiac signs and nine planets. Each planet has unique qualities, colours, elements, significations, personalities, directions, and colours other than the basic colour…

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Zodiac Zen: Stress Management Tips for Every Sign

Zodiac Zen: Stress Management Tips for Every Sign In this fast-moving world, which is full of competition and rejection, half of the population is falling into stress. This leads to…

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Sun Transit in Gemini

Sun Transit in Gemini: Know Effects and Remedies as per your Sign

Description of Sun Transit in Gemini The Sun, is entering into Gemini sign on 15 June, at 12.03 pm, to receive aspect from Mars and Ketu, to influence ninth house…

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Astrological Combination of Planets and their effects

When two or more planets occupy the same sign while transiting through the zodiac to form an auspicious or, at times, inauspicious combination, is called ‘Grah Yog’ or ‘Yuti’ in…

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Association of Mars, Rahu and Venus – How auspicious is it for you?

Three planets Mars, Venus and Rahu are going to be associated in watery sign Cancer on 21 August 2017 to stay together till 27 August 2017. Aggressive planet becomes debilitated…

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Lunar Eclipse – Find out what does it mean for your sign

The last ever ecliptic phenomenon of the year 2021 is going to happen on 19November 2021. It will start at 12.48 pm, when the Moon will be there in Taurus…

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Daily Prediction May-28-2017

Aries General – Your prediction for the day indicates that today you will be in a mood for some rest and leisure. Keep yourself engaged with some social activities. Health…

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Daily Prediction May-27-2017

Aries General – Your prediction for today indicates that you will find the behavior of your children and family satisfactory. Health – Where health is concerned you might experience pain…

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