Association of Mars, Rahu and Venus – How auspicious is it for you?

Three planets Mars, Venus and Rahu are going to be associated in watery sign Cancer on 21 August 2017 to stay together till 27 August 2017. Aggressive planet becomes debilitated in Cancer sign although ruler of Cancer sign the Moon is a friendly planet to Mars by the rule of natural friendship according to Indian Vedic Astrology. Generally any planet loses its auspicious qualities while being debilitated in transit and remains less powerful. But in this case, association of Rahu with debilitated Mars is indicating tension and uneasy situation, in general.

In our Vedic Astrology, Mars has given the position of commander in chief of the army of Gods. So, military activities are comes under the jurisdiction of planet Mars only. That’s why there might be unrest in the border areas of India and it could be aggravated during this seven days transit period. Venus is the planet of luxury and comfort. Being associated with two malefic planets, there might be decline in comfort level of people, in general.

This transit is particularly inauspicious for Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius Moon sign people as for them this association of planets will be happening in inauspicious houses, like twelfth, eighth and sixth house, respectively. For the natives of Leo Moon sign this transit could bring sudden load of huge expenditures that could disturb their budget for the time being. Sagittarius Moon sign people are warned about an unpleasant development in the family circle and are advised to handle the situation with calm and cool mind.

Those who are born under Aquarius Moon sign should take care about their physical health as problem might occur related with the blood circulation in their body as a result of this transit. In addition to this, they should be aware about dispute like situations around and should try to maintain safe distance from such circumstances.


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