Lunar Eclipse – Find out what does it mean for your sign

The last ever ecliptic phenomenon of the year 2021 is going to happen on 19November 2021. It will start at 12.48 pm, when the Moon will be there in Taurus sign and Krittika nakshatra, with exulted Rahu, occupyingthesame nakshatra, ruled by the Sun. This eclipse is onlyvisibleat some places of Assam andArunachal Pradesh. The Moon will come out of eclipse at17.36pm. So, where the Moon willrisebeforethat onlybe ableto see this eclipse. As because it will remain only 2% of the Moon, so it can’t be seen withouta telescope. Chanting ‘Mantra’s is advisable to invite auspicious vibes around.

Lunar Eclipse starts : 12.48 pm of 19November 2021
Middle of Partial Lunar Eclipse : 14.33pm
Partial Lunar Eclipse ends : 16.17 pm

Do’s and Don’ts During Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Chanting of Religious Hymns, Mantra Siddhi, visiting places of religious interests, giving alms, performing Hawan, etc., are considered as auspicious to perform during eclipse.

One should avoid touching idol of deities, entering inside temples, eating food, indulging in sexual union and disputes with anyone, cutting nails and hair, sleeping.

Pregnant ladies should avoid sleeping, cutting vegetables and frying Papad, etc., during this time.

However, kids, old aged people, sick persons and pregnant ladies are exempted to the restrictions and all.

To get rid of diseases, chanting MahaMrityunjay Mantra prove to be beneficial.
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Religious people should collect things according to their Moon sign, to give as alms to any Brahmin, as per their capacity, to pacify adverse planets and/or ongoing Dasha Period of unfavourable planets, to invite prosperity in life. During the period of restriction and eclipse some actions are strictly prohibited as per ‘Shastra’ ( “kkLrz ) .

Like, touching the idols of God and Goddesses, eating and drinking, sleeping, sexual activities, cutting of nails and hair, applying oil on body, etc. Aged people, infants, patients, pregnant women are exempted from these restrictions. Taking medicines is also allowed, in case of any disease and ailments.
In our ancient scriptures it has given utmost importance. It is taking place in the full Moon night of Kartik month of Hindi calendar, when the Moon will be in Krittika constellation, ruled by the Sun. The effect of this lunar eclipse will be different for the natives of various Moon signs.


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