Lunar Eclipse – Find out what does it mean for your sign

Partial Lunar Eclipse is going to happen in Capricorn sign at night of 7 August, beginning from 10.53 PM and this unique celestial phenomenon will continue in the sky till 00.48 AM of 8 August. This eclipse will be visible throughout India, most of the countries in South and East Asia, entire Europe, Africa and Australia. Lunar eclipse has mythological as well as spiritual importance also in India. People take advantage of this opportune moment to attain ‘mantra siddhi’ as it is considered vastly a very good muhurat to perform spiritual practices.

In some part of India, it is considered as inauspicious period to go for journey for any important purpose from seven days prior to the eclipse. Eating food, attending the call of nature is also prohibited during the time of eclipse going on in the sky. Restrictions for eating anything and attending nature’s call will begin from 13.53 PM on 7 August. It is termed as “Sootak” ( lwrd ) in astrological terms. This time is perfect for performing religious deeds, taking bath in holy rivers and lakes, giving alms to needy and poor people, reciting religious hymns and holy scriptures, recitation of ‘mantra’s, ‘mantra siddhi’, meditation, performing ‘yagna’, etc.

Religious people should collect things according to their Moon sign to give as alms to any Brahmin, as per their capacity to pacify adverse planets and/or ongoing Dasha period of unfavourable planets to invite prosperity in life. During the period of restriction and eclipse some actions are strictly prohibited as per ‘Shastra’ ( “kkLrz ) . Like, touching the idols of God and Goddesses, eating and drinking, sleeping, sexual activities, cutting of nails and hair, applying oil on body, etc. Aged people, infants, patients, pregnant women are exempted from these restrictions. Taking medicines is also allowed, in case of any disease and ailments.

This lunar eclipse is happening on Monday, so it will be termed as “Chudamani ChandraGrahan” . In our ancient scriptures it has given utmost importance. It is taking place in the full Moon night of Shravan  month of Hindi calendar, when the Moon will be in Her own constellation Shravana. The effect of this lunar eclipse will be different for the natives of various Moon signs.


Aries Moon sign people may suffer from diseases, there might be trouble of some kind with them. Fear or uncertainty may be there to reduce their confidence level.





Taurus Moon sign natives are likely to be affected by any hidden tensions about their children to reduce their happiness of mind.





Gemini Moon sign people may experience happiness from meeting new people and gains may be there from unexpected sources to their joy.





Cancer Moon sign natives should remain cautious about their social reputation and sufferings to their spouses might be there.





Leo Moon sign people might be affected with some diseases or some kind of suffering may grip them. Hidden fear may envelope their mind.





Virgo Moon sign natives should be cautious about money matters as unexpected expenditure may arrive without notice. They are advised to take care about their prestige in society.





Libra Moon sign people may be benefited with this lunar eclipse as they may experience success in their venture to increase their confidence.




Scorpio Moon sign natives may be blessed with financial gains beyond their expectation to be happy from their core of the heart.





Sagittarius Moon sign people are advised to stay alert while striking any deal of big magnitude. Loss might be there for their disappointment.





Capricorn Moon sign natives are strictly warned to stay safe as accidents may happen to bring inconvenience to their routine life.





Aquarius Moon sign people are supposed to protect their interest in money related matters as loss might be waiting for them.





Pisces Moon sign natives are going to be blessed with windfall and chances of promotion is also there for their delight.

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