Shravan Special Prediction – Know how auspicious will the Sawan this year prove to be!

Shravan Special Prediction - Know how auspicious will the Sawan this year prove to be!

Solar Shravan month begins when the Sun enters into Cancer sign in transit. This transit is going to happen on 6 July this year, 2020. It is also known as ‘Shravan Sankranti’. In our Hindu mythology, Shravan month has a very unique spiritual and religious importance and it is considered as the best month to worship and please Lord Shiva. Devotees of Lord Shiva go long distance on their foot to bring holy ‘Ganga Jal’ and come back walking to pour it on ShivLing on the Chaturdashi tithi of this month. This ceremony is popularly known as ‘Kanvar Yatra’ among people. On the last day of Lunar Shravan month ‘Jhulan Yatra’ of Lord Krishna is celebrated across India and abroad along with ‘Raksha Bandhan’.

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The Sun is given the status of King in the council of planets in the zodiac. Cancer sign is ruled by the Moon, who enjoys the status of queen in the cosmic council of planets, with whom the Sun maintains a very friendly relationship. However, the Sun rules the fifth sign in the natural zodiac and fifth house is one of the ‘Trikona’ houses in the horoscope. So, presence of the Sun, fifth house lord, in the fourth house, a ‘Kendra Sthaan’, in Cancer sign create a very powerful ‘Raaj Yog’ in the zodiac. This ‘Raaj Yog’ fructifies for the natives of Aries and Scorpio Moon signs, where this ‘Kendra-Trikona Raaj Yog’ will be formed. ‘Trikona’ houses are considered as “Lakshmi Sthaan” and ‘Kendra’ houses are known as “Vishnu Sthaan”, as per Hindu System of Vedic Astrology. Combinations of these house lords form a very strong ‘Wealth Producing Yog’ for the native.

On the other hand, transit of the Sun into Cancer sign has a close relation with rainy season. In the Hindu Calendar, Ashadh and Shravan month are considered as rainy reason. Cancer is very much a watery sign and it rains heavily when the Sun travels through this sign.

Aries – For the natives of Aries Moon sign, transit of the Sun, into His friendly sign Cancer, is going to be very much of significance for professional success and career enhancements. The Sun rules auspicious fifth house for Arians and He is ‘Trikona’ house lord, to occupy fourth house, which is a ‘Kendra’ house, to form a strong ‘Raa Yog’ and bless them with power, prestigious position and high reputation. Life Report

Taurus – For Taurus Moon sign people, the Sun is moving into third house of efforts and courage, which is an appropriate house for the Sun to occupy in transit and bless the native with positive outcomes of his/her efforts in his/her endeavours. Retrograde Saturn is aspecting the Sun to ensure success and to bless them with fortune, without fail. Talk to Astrologer for More details

Gemini – Gemini Moon sign natives are supposed to receive unconditional support from seniors or people in authority, as the Sun is going to enter Cancer sign to spell success and fortune. Significant financial gain is possible to materialise from distant places, for their delight. Aspect of retrograde Saturn on the Sun is indicating achievements, visibly. Career Report 

Cancer – The Sun rules the second house of family and finances for thenatives of Cancer Moon sign and His transit into Cancer sign itself is going to form a powerful money generating ‘Dhan Yog’ for them. Full support from family members is indicated to let them help to move forward, without any obstacles. Still, money matters should be dealt with thorough care. Finance Forecast

Leo – This transit of the Sun, ruler of Leo sign, in the house of expenditures, is not considered as a favourable transit for the Leo Moon sign people. There could be financial crunch or the native may have to pay fine to any government department for any mistake or misconduct during this one month’s phase. It is advisable to Leo Moon sign natives to obey traffic rules and stay safe during this transit period. Finance Forecast

Virgo – Transit of the Sun into eleventh house of financial gains will bring financial bliss to the natives of Virgo Moon sign, as the Sun is going to be aspected by retrograde Saturn, an auspicious planet for Virgo Moon sign. Although some expenditure is also indicated for them as the Sun rules the twelfth house of expenditure for the natives of Virgo Moon sign as well. Life Report

Libra – Tenth house stands for professional matters for the natives of Libra Moon sign and entrance of the Sun, lord of the eleventh house of gains, into Cancer sign is going to bring good news for the Libra Moon sign people. Retrograde Saturn is aspecting the Sun to ensure success and to spell fortune for them, undoubtedly. Love Forecast 

Scorpio – The Sun rules the tenth house of profession for the Scorpions and entrance of the Sun in the house of luck, in friendly sign Cancer, is going to spell good help from Lady Luck for them. It is a ‘Kendra-Trikona Raaj Yog’ formed in the ‘Lakshmi Sthaan’ to bring alround prosperity and bliss for Scorpio Moon sign natives. Get detail Analysis of Your Kundali

Sagittarius – Be careful, Sagittarians, and do not create obstacles in any government work, as this transit is not going to be a favourable one for the natives of Sagittarius Moon sign. Being ruler of the ninth house of luck and entering into the unfavourable eighth house is not indicating any assertive vibes for the natives of this sign. Offer water from a copper pot to the Sun God, daily, to reduce the negative impact of this transit. Discuss your issues with Astrologer

Capricorn – The Sun rules the inauspicious eighth house in the horoscope of Capricorn Moon sign natives and His transit through seventh house, in Cancer sign, might try to harm their social reputation in some way or the other. Although aspect of your sign lord, retrograde Saturn, will help to reduce the negative results of this transit, still adopting precautionary measures in social arena is dvisable to protect the image in society. Life Report

Aquarius – Transit of the Sun in Cancer sign, in the sixth house of competition, is seen pretty favourable for the natives of Aquarius Moon sign. Reduction of opponents, improvement in health situation, getting relief from diseases, if any, and remarkable success in competitive pursuits are indicated for their delight. Instant Astrology Consultation with Expert Astrologers

Pisces – The Sun is entering into friendly sign Cancer, to be there in the auspicious fifth house, for the natives of Pisces Moon sign. This transit will deliver assertive results for those who are pursuing higher education. Good news from kids may come to bring joy in the family circle and increase happiness of mind. Business Forecast


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