Saturn assumes Direct Motion – What does it indicate for your sign?

Saturn assumes Direct Motion What does it indicate for your signSaturn, the slowest moving planet of our zodiac, is assuming direct motion on 13.8.2016, after a time period of 142 days of transit through retrograde motion. Being a naturally malefic planet, Saturn remains more auspicious while in indirect motion. Now Saturn is travelling through Scorpio sign, a sign ruled by planet Mars. Saturn and Mars do not share a very cordial relationship. Therefore the presence of Mars in Scorpio puts forth a gloomy situation.

Scorpio is a watery sign. The Moon gets debilitated in this sign. Coincidentally, on the day Saturn assumes direct motion, the Moon is also present in Scorpio sign in a debilitated state, which indicates accidents or mishaps in the sea surface. Although, the presence of Mars in His own sign with the Moon will form a ‘NeechBhang Raaj Yog’ by the virtue of cancellation of debilitation of the Moon, still, association of the Moon and Saturn does not foretell a happy atmosphere around. Mind blowing incidents, mostly negative, might take place to envelope the mind of people with sadness. None of the benefic planets are aspecting the Scorpio sign at this moment to reduce the possibility of being saved by any assertive vibrations.

Signs for which the transit is favourable:

This transit could be beneficial only for the natives of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces Moon sign. It is not an auspicious transit even for the natives of Aries Moon sign also because it is happening in the inauspicious eighth house for them. Likewise, for Gemini Moon sign people this transit is taking place in sixth house, which is another unfavourable house in one’s horoscope. And for Sagittarius Moon sign natives also it will remain unfavourable because of happening of this combination of three planets in the twelfth house of expenditure. Taurus Moon sign people should remain alert while interacting with strangers in the social circle to save their reputation in society.

Natives of Leo Moon sign are advised to be careful while dealing in properties during this time to stay away from dispute like situation. Virgo Moon sign natives should exercise precaution while travelling long distance and in matters related with foreign land or organization. Libra Moon sign people are advised to take note of their words while interacting with family members. Brewing family dispute is predicted for no valid reason because of this transit.

Capricorn Moon sign natives might expect financial windfall but there might be some tension or unpleasant incident along with this gain. Aquarius Moon sign people might get an expected but delayed promotion that might be the result of a brief struggle. Arena of work or responsibility is set to increase to make them feel their value at professional front.

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