Guru Purnima – Why Celebrate?

Happy Guru PurnimaGuru Purnima is celebrated on the day of Purnima tithi i.e., full Moon day of Ashadh month of Hindu calendar. In our Hindu religion, we give utmost importance to Guru, the preacher. In the ancient days, when books were not available in printed format, it was the Guru who used to teach His deciples by giving lectures from His mouth only and the deciples used to memorised those lectures and later on forward it to their respective students in due course of time. That’s why it was known as ‘Gurumukhi Vidya’. Astrology also comes under it. Guru isa person who can show us the right path of life and guide us correctly where we are in a confused state of mind to motivate us to march forward to the ultimate goal of our materialistic and spiritual life. On this day itself, the deciples and followers of Vyasadeva organised a ceremony or ‘Puja’ to offer their respect and devotion towards Him.

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This Ashadh Purnima comes in Varsha Ritu, which is the perfect time and season for cultivating and invite prosperity in life. It is also an appropriate day to start learning something new to increase our knowledge as well as elevate our intellectual level. 2500 years ago, prince Siddharth left his palace in search of eternal peace and divine knowledge of life that helps us to counter the adversities, like diseases, grief, ageing and death, the harsh realities of practical life.

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On the day of Baishakh Purnima, He attained the eternal enlightenment ‘Bodhi’. Then Gautam Buddh came to Sarnath to share His achievements to His 5 classmates. He shared and taught this ‘Vidya’ on this full Moon day of Ashadh month, which is now widely known and celebrated as Guru Purnima. In present days, people go to visit their repective ‘Guru’s and worship them as per their capacity to receive blessings and devine knowledge to ease out the tiring journey of life. By the virtue of blessings of ‘Guru’ only one can subside struggle, tensions and other adversities of life and attain fortune and prosperity to spend their life with ease.

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