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Speak to the best online astrologer - Ajay Bhambi

Name :

Dr. Ajai Bhambi

Rating :

Experience :

40 Years

Expertise :

Vedic Astrology, healer

Language :

Hindi, English

Biography :

Dr. Ajai Bhambi is a name to reckon with in the field of astrology. He is an expert in Nakshatra Meditation and a great healer also.

Pandit Bhambi’s fame as an astrologer has spread across the globe.  His clientele is international.

Panditji has an inimitable style and an innate ability to establish a connection with whomsoever he comes in contact. His accurate predictions over the last 40 years have been made due to his in-depth knowledge and expertise of astrology, spiritual astrology and related sciences. He has helped numerous people to recognize upcoming opportunities and overcome unexpected obstacles that they encounter. He continues to be a guide and teacher for many people including celebrities as he helps them navigate the twists and turns of life.

Some remarkable predictions

He has made many notable predictions about people, countries and events.

Pandit Bhambi has predicted some recent political developments in India. He had predicted that BJP and Narendra Modi would come to power in the Centre. He was way ahead when he predicted about AAP coming to power in Delhi. His predictions on the recent State election results too were spot on.

 Pandit Bhambi followed the first election of President Obama very minutely and predicted correctly the rise of Obama.

 After analysing the chart of Obama and Hillary, he said very clearly that Hillary will concede defeat and Obama will become President.


Political careers of many have been accurately traced by Pandit Bhambi which include high profile political personalities like Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Anna Hazare. Pandit Bhambi has also accurately predicted about sporting events, sports personalities and prominent artistes.


In the past he predicted in an interview on national television in India that he had anticipated the 26/11 situation - terrorist attack. Panditji correctly predicted about terrorist activities in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, in north east India and the train hijacking which took place.

He also predicted about the drought in India, about Indo-China relations and the border activities. He had in particular predicted on Barack Obama being the Democratic Presidential candidate and that he would be President of the United States of America nearly a year ahead of the US election.

He has correctly mapped the careers of political personalities like Sonia Gandhi, Atal Behari Vajpayee, Sharad Pawar, Mayawati, Pranab Mukherjee, L K Advani, Prafful Patel, Nitish Kumar, Jayalalita, Murli Manohar Joshi, Nitin Gadkari, Rajnath Singh and Rahul Gandhi to mention a few. The death of India’s Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, rise and fall of Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif the premiers of Pakistan are some other events that were correctly predicted.  He has and continues to predict several political and social events.

Dr. Bhambi’s latest prediction is that Indian youth will rule the roost of this world by 2025. The young India will predominate in most fields i.e. science, technology, medicine, environment, agriculture, sports and various creative fields. A new climate will be created by 2025 when Indian youth will be creating history in most important countries and issues of the world.

The Innovator

Dr. Ajai Bhambi has many pioneering efforts to his credit. Making a birth chart or horoscope in the past was very difficult and was done manually. In such an environment he started the use of computerization for astrology which is common usage now. He is the pioneer of computer astrology in India.

He introduced astrology on television. There were no programs on astrology on television and this was a challenge and no astrologer was ready to be seen on the TV screen. By bringing this new subject of astrology to television he directly reached individuals and the homes of people.

It is he who has brought Vedic astrology to the forefront. He has brought forth and popularized Vedic Sun Signs which are different from what is commonly practiced. According to Vedic astrology 70% of people are looking at a Sun sign which is different as per their birth charts; Vedic astrology gives an individual the true Sun sign according to their horoscopes.

Dr. Ajai Bhambi believes that astrology as well as applied astrology in areas like spiritual astrology and meditation have to reach the end user because it is he who needs it. He has thus effectively utilized technology and is now the first to use the 4G platform to reach out to individuals and he is also guiding mobile users in meditation techniques.

The Spiritual Guru

Panditji’s focus is on spiritual astrology and he is a healer of the Himalayan Yogic Parampara.

Spiritual astrology has drawn Pandit Ajai Bhambi to devise a meditation technique which can enable a person to harness the immense energies of the cosmos. The Nakshatra Meditation (NM) Technique is a very powerful yet simple technique and has proven to bring about a sea change in many people through cosmic consciousness.

He has developed these unique ‘nakshatra-based’ meditation techniques which are new and have not been explored before. The ‘nakshatra’ of an individual defines a person’s characteristics and potential and thus these techniques are tailor-made for people with different birth nakshatras.

These meditation techniques will evoke awareness and help in a person’s spiritual journey. Pandit Bhambi’s knowledge and intuitive wisdom helps him become an enabler, guide and teacher for people to reach great heights.

Moreover he has highlighted well defined nakshatra-based personality traits and techniques which help individuals to meditate and, through the nakshatra deity, connect with cosmic consciousness. Individuals can connect with the cosmos and its energies through this meditation technique and realize their goals.

The Writer

A prolific writer, he has authored several books, both in English and in Hindi, and writes for many Indian and International magazines and newspapers.

His recent book Planetary Meditation – A Cosmic Approach in English and Planetary Meditation – Brahmand ke alok mein in Hindi is creating waves. This meditation technique is finding a large following within India as well as overseas. The demand for this book is increasing day by day.

Some of his other bestselling books include Be Your Own Astrologer, Vaastu for You and Your Family, Vedic Sun Signs, Swayam bane Jyotish, Manavta ka Ekmatra Mitra Shani, Neech Bhang Rajyoga and others.

The Newsmaker

Internationally acclaimed, his predictions continue to make news.

Dr. Ajai Bhambi has been conferred with many recognitions and awards. Earlier this year he was honoured the Lifetime Achievement Award  at the All India Astrology Conference.

He brought astrology to television when this subject was not shown on television. He continues to bring unique and though provoking programs on television. He also brings accurate and topical predictions to people through television debates and shows. He has a large following of television viewers which is growing with his every appearance on television.

“Delhi Gaurav Award 2015” by Indian Bravehearts at Vigyan Bhavan,  “Udhbhav Shikhar Samman” (top recognition) by Udhbhav (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) ; “Bhaskar Award” for Highest appreciation by Bharat Nirman; “Excellence Award” by Sobhagyadeep, “Sammannit Lekhak” (Honoured Writer), several awards by Indian Astrology Associations like Aryavrat Jyotish Vigyan Sansthan, Akhil Bhartiya Jyotish Sammelan, honoured by Vaastu Panorama, Jyotish and Yoga Sammelan (Astrology and Yoga Conference) among others.

He has anchored TV shows too on national TV. He is heard in Dubai on the popular radio show “Pulse 95.3 FM” every morning. He has participated in several international seminars and conferences. Pandit Bhambi conducts workshops in astrology, spiritual astrology and meditation in India and around the globe.


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