Will the Solar Eclipse of June 21 improve the traumatic period that started with the Solar Eclipse of December 26 last year?

Will the Solar Eclipse of June 21 improve the traumatic period that started with the Solar Eclipse of December 26 last year?

This unique celestial phenomenon is becoming very much of significance as the Solar Eclipse will be there in the airy sign Gemini, along with the Moon, retrograde Mercury, and Rahu to create ‘ChaturGrahee Yog’

The eclipse begins at 09.15 am and will end at 15.04 pm, visible throughout India

An annular view of this eclipse will be visible in every state and city of India.

In the northern states, visibility will be maximum, whereas the rest of the areas of India will experience it as a slightly less visible solar eclipse.

Expansion of beginning of this eclipse :

Solar Eclipse begins : 09.15

Annular Eclipse begins : 10.17 

Maximum of Eclipse : 12.10 

Annular Eclipse ends : 14.02 

Solar Eclipse ends : 15.04  

Last year, on 26 December, Annular Solar Eclipse took place in Sagittarius ascendant. At that time, six planets were placed in the Rahu-Ketu axis.

The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Ketu was present in the Sagittarius sign to begin the story of the destruction of human lives,

The economic structures of various countries and create an atmosphere of sheer panic, across the globe.

Rahu was accepting them from the Gemini sign to afflict the majority of planets to get the scenario severe. Still, it was under control, till 24 January 2020.

After that Saturn left Sagittarius sign to enter into His own sign Capricorn and let the hell broke loose. As per our Indian System of Vedic Astrology,

Jupiter destroys the results of the house He occupies and Saturn improves the positive qualities of the house He occupies.

So, it was a ‘status quo’ situation, till both of them were together.

After that, Jupiter was there in His ‘MoolTrikona’ sign Sagittarius, till 30 March 2020, to enter into Capricorn sign, to become debilitated, means powerless.

Although exulted Mars and Saturn were present there in Capricorn sign, to cancel the debilitation of Jupiter and to create ‘Neech Bhang RaajYog’, surprisingly, the situation went to deteriorate day by day, instead of this.

Now, exactly within six months, another Annular Solar Eclipse is going to take place on 21 June 2020,

in the Gemini sign, to sum up, the mess that happened during the last six months.

Gemini sign comes to the seventh house from the Sagittarius sign and they exist on the same axis.

The Sun, the Moon, retrograde Mercury, and Rahu will be present there in the Gemini sign to minimize the intensity of affliction of Rahu on other planets.

Leo ascendant will be rising in the eastern horizon, when this Annular Solar Eclipse will begin in Delhi, to allow this eclipse to happen in the eleventh house of gains.

Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn will be moving through retrograde motion.

Rahu and Ketu always move in retrograde motion so if we add them all, a total number of six planets will remain retrograde at that time.

Surprisingly, six planets were together when the previous Annular Solar Eclipse took place in December last year.

To our relief, Mercury is the ruling planet of the Gemini sign and planet Mercury governs our general health. Usually, Mercury spends 18 days in a sign.

But this time, Mercury will stay here till 2 August, to move forward to the next sign Cancer. Mercury was entered into His own sign Gemini on 24 May 2020.

Coincidentally, it is worth mentioning here that the planet of comfort and luxury, Venus, is also placed in Her own sign Taurus, to stay here till 1 August 2020.

Normally Venus takes 28 days to cross a sign. Transit of Venus into the Taurus sign happened on 28 March 2020.

The most auspicious planet of our zodiac, Jupiter is moving through indirect motion, in His debilitation sign Capricorn and is expected to re-enter into His ‘Mool Trikona’ sign Sagittarius,

on 30 June 2020, to bless us and save us from the ongoing atmosphere of fear and allow us to live freely by the virtue of His Graceful Blessings!

Effect of Annular Solar Eclipse for Different Moon Signs

This annular solar eclipse is taking place in the Gemini sign and Mrigshira nakshatra. So, the natives of this Moon sign and nakshatra should exercise precautionary measures to stay protected from unwanted results.


The Sun rules your fifth house of children, but, being placed favorably in the third house might not give adverse results for you.

Mental tension may come from younger siblings to be tackled carefully. You should not travel for any reason and rituals.


 Your finances might take an unpredictable turn to flop your long-term plans and work strategies in office. Do not accept any new proposal for work casually to sustain in a struggling situation.


 Accident or fear of injuries may occur to you because this eclipse is happening in your sign only. Take proper care and precautions if your birth constellation is Mrigshira to keep the situation well under control.


 This eclipse might bring financial setbacks for you as it is taking place in your twelfth house of expenditures. Someone senior in your family may face health-related problems. Take the best possible care.


 Fruits of your hard work and sincere efforts might be there to your delight. If you are expecting any result or consent from someone senior, that could be positive also.


This transit is taking place in your tenth house of a profession that will remain below par, for your disappointment.

Fear about some unforeseen situation that may try to disturb your peace of mind.


As because this transit is taking place in your ninth house of luck, you should avoid any kind of travel, short distance, or even longer one to stay safe.

Mental tension from your children might be there for your discomfort.


 Take care of your opponents as they might create hurdles on your way to success. Moderate financial gain might be there to help you to reshape your financial budget.


 This eclipse is happening in your seventh house of a life partner, to advise you to take care of them, and your social reputation also.

Do not trust anyone, less known or unknown to you, in any situation, to stay safe.


This eclipse is taking place in your sixth house of disease and competitions to warn you to take calculated risks about anything important in your life.

Hidden fear might grip your mind, for no valid reason.


 The financial disturbance is predicted for you to give you tension or create a financial crunch. Delay in your venture is possible to test your patience level adequately.


This eclipse is happening in your fourth house of comforts to bless you with success in your projects to your delight.

However, futile expenses may be there to disturb the equation of finances.

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