Will Arvind Kejriwal manage a big leap in the center?

Arvind Kejriwal

The rise of Arvind Kejriwal in the scenario of Indian politics is an extraordinary event. It is extraordinary and exemplified because Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party came up with a new brand of politics to challenge the aristocracy associated with the existing political setup. He started the journey while projecting the traits governed by Jupiter. Simplicity and high ideals are the governing traits of Jupiter. The simplicity of a politician adorned by the virtue of Jupiter became his calling card.  When a simple muffler became his identity and monikers like “muffler-man” became his second name. While exploring his journey with the help of Arvind Kejriwal horoscope it can be stated that he moved ahead with small and firm steps to figure out a space in the political scenario. During this journey, fortune favoured him a lot but the strokes of misfortune also prevented him from attaining a higher position.

From an astrological perspective, a prediction on Arvind Kejriwal normally warrants an answer related to his expansion. After winning the Corporation elections in Delhi, his footing is strong but will he be able to replicate it in other parts of India? Will Arvind Kejriwal become PM becomes an important question? The presence of Mars in the third house and its direct seventh glance on the 10th house or the house of Karma signifies the presence of a “Karm-Yudh” in his life.  The onset of the Karm-Yudh signifies the extremes that he will face in his political career. This is why the expansion of Kejriwal is slow but its impacts are steady and the longevity of his reign is high.

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What makes Arvind Kejriwal an ideal “agent of change” for Indian Politics?

The threshold of Arvind Kejriwal’s political activities was noticed in the past. This gave rise to multiple questions. One such question asks if Arvind Kejriwal can become PM in 2024 as per astrology. Voters in India are optimistic that a positive answer to this question may bring a sea of changes in Indian politics and administrative practices. The present compilation is an attempt to develop a prediction on Arvind Kejriwal, this prediction will try to explore his role in the 2024 Loksabha election precisely. Arvind Kejriwal’s date of birth is 16-08-1968, which means Arvind Kejriwal’s zodiac sign is Leo. A further exploration of Arvind Kejriwal’s Horoscope gives an account of Taurus ascendance, where Guru is posited in Kendra-Trikon. This position along with Mercury gives him a youthful yet controlled exuberance. He is among very few politicians who can successfully connect the ideologies promoted by Mahatma Gandhi with the concept of Neo-liberalism and develop a doctrine for the future.  However, the efficacy of Mercury and Jupiter is not sufficient for complete success in a political scenario. Rahu in the eleventh house of Arvind Kejriwal’s Horoscope fills this gap.

Arvind Kejriwal’s Ideology:

The strength of Rahu in the native chart makes him the flag bearer of the idealism given by Jupiter. Arvind Kejriwal is worldly wise because of this Rahu, the same Rahu generates enough resources to continue a battle against all odds. Rahu always guides him to mix and match idealism with practicality and create a matrix where both can survive. It is very important when an individual is fighting a battle in Kalyug or the era of Rahu. Rahu always prompts an individual to strike a balance between good and bad elements. It is like enjoying the best of both worlds. This is the universal truth of Kalyug just like Arvind Kejriwal, this formula can be applied in the life of any individual. You can also understand and utilize the contradictions of your horoscope by taking advice from experts. These experts can give you a fair idea of the planetary behaviors surrounding your life and times.

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What is the future of Arvind Kejriwal?

Predictions based on astrology are not stand-alone practices, the signage associated with future events has roots in the past and present. Based on this statement prediction on Arvind Kejriwal can be inspected under the light of three major events. The first event is related to the summons of ED sent to him. Arvind Kejriwal’s Delhi liquor scam has become a million-dollar question for media and political pundits. The impact of this summon will certainly haunt Arvind Kejriwal’s prospects in the Loksabha election 2024. His Kundli suggests that if circumstances drag Arvind Kejriwal into this so-called scam, then it will be beneficiary for him. The onset of the Rahu-Ketu axis also denies any major trouble for him in this regard.

When we explore the future of Arvind Kejriwal from the perspective of his horoscope, two major questions need an answer. The first question is associated with the presence of Neechbhang Rajyog and its power to support Arvind Kejriwal in developing an ambitious yet realistic plan for the expansion of the Aam Aadmi Party. While casting a glance at the present scenario it can be stated that during the 2024 elections, a massive increase in the number of votes is visible. It can be considered a meteoric rise, however, not meteoric enough to bring a positive answer to the question of will Arvind Kejriwal become the PM. This is a common case sometimes good planets fail to deliver adequate results.

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Planets in Arvind Kejriwal’s Horoscope:

The presence of the Sun in the 4th house brings both positive and negative impacts. A glance at Arvind Kejriwal’s horoscope defines the presence of the sun in the 4th Rashi, this placement shows an eclipse, which means that his close associates may find him irrelevant at times and his capacity as an honest leader will be questioned. Sun in this Rashi creates disharmony because its native strength gets compromised. Any prediction on Arvind Kejriwal brings a negative impact when we study the impact of the sun on all the equations. Sun decreases the number of supporters and acts as a limiting factor when it comes to creating a mass appeal.  While casting a glance upon Arvind Kejriwal’s horoscope it is important to understand the fact that the Sun adds a universality to success, for instance, we can see it in the case of Mr. Narendra Modi, the strong position of the Sun in his Kundli gives him an all-around success. The presence of a weak sun in the Kundli of Arvind Kejriwal often limits his appeal confined to the classes.

This fact can be corroborated with the help of some real-world results as well. As an ideology of intellectual people and the working class, the upper middle class always supports Arvind Kejriwal. However, this number is not sufficient to rule in a democracy. To win the hearts of the masses apart from the appeal and charisma of Arvind Kejriwal, tangential benefits like freebies are also needed. Any individual can adopt such type of formula where weaker planets can be addressed with the help of strong tasks (karm-gati). 

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