Why Your Moon Sign Matters in Vedic Astrology

Why Your Moon Sign Matters in Vedic Astrology

We commonly hear of our Sun Sign but in Vedic Astrology there is more focus on the Moon Sign. The Moon Sign represents your inner self and it is said to be more accurate in Vedic Astrology! Do you know your Moon Sign?

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The Moon is the fastest moving planet of the council of celestial bodies in the sky. The Moon enjoys the status of the queen among nine planets, whereas the Sun is the king. The Moon is one of the two luminary planets, who gives us light during night time. The Sun is the other one, to luminate our planet earth during the day time. The Moon represents our mind. Emotions and expressions come under the jurisdiction of the Moon. Being feminine by nature, the Moon is the significator of mother also.

The Moon’s Journey through the Sky:

During Her journey through twelve signs, the Moon passes over 27 constellations, which are known as Nakshatras popularly. A sign consists of 30 degrees and each constellation is of 13 degrees and 20 minutes. Now each constellation has four equal divisions, which are famously known as ‘Paad’ or ‘Charan’. Every ‘Charan’ is dedicated to a particular alphabet, which usually becomes the first letter of the name of a person. So, we can determine the Moon sign or ‘Rashi’ and ‘Nakshatra’ of a person, by looking at the first alphabet of their name only.

In our Indian System of Vedic Astrology, the total lifespan of a person is divided into 9 Dasha Periods (MahaDasha). Each Dasha Period has nine Sub Dasha Periods (AntarDasha). Each Sub Dasha Period is again divided into nine Sub-Sub Dasha Periods (PratyantarDasha). So, who will have the Main Dasha Period of which planet first in their life is precisely decided by the lord of Nakshatra that the Moon was occupying at the time of birth of that person.

For example, a person is born with Taurus Moon sign and Rohini Nakshatra, third Charan, then the person will have the Moon’s Main Period first in their life. It will be followed by Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, Venus and the Sun, one after another. Main period of the Moon is a ten year phase. The degree of the Moon at the time of birth is the deciding factor of how many years are left there, to be enjoyed by that person. It is termed as Dasha Balance at birth, in Astrological terminology.

How is your Moon Sign Determined?:

The Moon crosses a sign, consisting of 30 degrees, in two and a quarter days. Each planet takes a different amount of time to cross a sign. The slowest moving planet of our solar system, Saturn, takes two and a half years to cross the same span of 30 degrees. The Sun spends 30 days in a sign. Planet of intelligence, Mercury, takes 17 days for crossing the same distance. Artistic planet, Venus, usually takes 28 days to cross a sign. 45 days time is required by the energetic planet Mars, to pass a sign.

Biggest planet of the zodiac, Jupiter, takes 13 months to cross the distance of 30 degrees. So, we can imagine how fast the Moon moves in the sky. Because of this fast-moving nature, the Moon can bring sudden developments, both constructive as well as destructive, in our lives. Your Moon Sign is the exact placement of the Moon in the sky at the time you were born. Since the Moon crosses a sign every two and a quarter days, the placement changes often and we need to use an online calculator to check our Moon Sign by entering our birth date, time and place.

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Impact of the Moon:

The Moon is the satellite of our Earth that rotates around the earth and is the closest planet by distance also. The Moon has control over the water element in our bodies as well as on the Earth also. High tide and ebb tide are results of the Moon’s influence on the seas that we can experience on a regular basis. During a month, there are two fortnights. One is known as Bright Lunar Half (Shukal Paksh) and the other one is named as Dark Lunar Half (Krishan Paksh). This also has a very deep impact on our lives.

For example, a person has an exulted Moon in Taurus sign, but if it is a new Moon night (Amavasya Tithi), then the Moon will not be that much powerful, as an exulted Moon could be. Likewise, if a person was born with a debilitated Moon in Scorpio sign, but it happens to be a full Moon night (Purnima Tithi), then that debilitated Moon will not be as powerless as a debilitated Moon usually becomes.

Importance of the Moon Sign in Vedic Astrology:

Vedic Astrology focusses on the Moon Sign prediction. Why? Let’s see a few reasons:

  • It represents your emotional trait and subconscious mind.
  • It reveals your deepest trends, instincts and how you represent yourself.
  • It influences how you react to situations, process emotions and ensure comfo

Understanding your Moon Sign can bring profound self-awareness and empowerment

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Note: In the Western System of Astrology, no Dasha Sequence is there to determine the auspicious or inauspicious state of ongoing or forthcoming time, to suggest or advise a person to take risks or not, to take precautionary measures or not, to get benefited, at its highest possible extent.

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