Why People Don’t Cut Their Nails After Evening?

Nails After Evening

Within Indian culture, there are many aspects of human life that may seem peculiar to us in the present day. Questions such as when to wear clothes, when to adorn new jewelry, when to apply oil, when to groom oneself, when to wear new shoes, etc., are considered important. One such aspect is the timing of nail cutting, or whether it is advisable to avoid cutting nails after evening. Certainly, there might be some underlying reasons for not cutting nails after evening.

In today’s scientifically advanced world, many practices may seem superstitious or unnecessary. However, it is essential to acknowledge that whether these practices are rules, superstitions, scientifically founded, or linked with astrology, there might be a reason behind them that has been forgotten.

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From a practical standpoint, nails serve as both adornments and aids in our daily activities. When we work daily, dirt can accumulate under our nails, fostering the growth of bacteria that can cause serious illnesses when ingested with food. Hence, nails are trimmed regularly. In the past, the lack of proper tools to cut nails at night also discouraged the practice of cutting nails after evening since it became dark and it was not easy to see which could lead to one getting hurt. Since there was no artificial light and nailcutters were not too advanced it was a practice in good sense to avoid cutting nails after evening to avoid getting hurt.

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However, in modern times, many educated and civilized individuals maintain good hygiene, and some even consider long nails as a fashion statement. In mythology, it is said that nails also carry negative energy, so cutting them at the right time is recommended. Just as the day is associated with positive energy and night or darkness is considered negative, cutting nails after evening is believed to enhance the impact of negative energy. It is also said that cutting nails after evening invites poverty into the home and life, hence it is advised to avoid it.

Apart from these beliefs, we perform daily prayers in the morning and evening to avoid sorrow, poverty, or any major problems in life, and to keep our homes free from diseases. As we worship Goddess Lakshmi, it is recommended not to cut nails after evening. Different regions may follow different practices since they may have differing opinions.

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