What will be the effect of Mars transiting in Taurus sign?

Mars transiting in Taurus sign

Mars transiting in Taurus sign

Mars transiting in Taurus sign Date and Time

22nd of February 2021, at 04.35 am

Mars, now moving through fiery sign Aries, is going to enter into earthy sign Taurus on 22nd of February 2021, at 04.35 am, to create ‘Dhan Yog’ in the natural zodiac.

Exalted Rahu is already there in the Taurus sign to increase the intensity of this transit positively.

Aries is the mooltrikona sign of Mars, and entry to the second house from Aries indicates blessings in financial matters.

A fixed sign by nature and ruled by the artistic planet Venus, this transit will continue till 14th April 2021.

According to the Indian System of Vedic Astrology, Mars given the status of the commander-in-chief, a powerful section of the society, and matters related to energy and vitality.

Auspicious results expected for Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces Moon sign natives.

For Cancer Moon sign, Mars is the ruler of fifth and tenth houses to play the role of ‘Yog Karak’ planet and success giving one for them and will offer auspicious results without fail.

A sufficient flow of finances will be there to put the equation in proper order, as a result of this transit.

For the natives of the Leo Moon sign, it is going to be a very auspicious transit to reduce the obstacles and give satisfactory results of their efforts.

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Mars happens to be the most auspicious planet for Leo sign by the virtue of being the ruler of the fourth and ninth houses.

These houses are ‘Kendra’ and ‘Trikona Sthaan’ to become the most auspicious planet for them.

Those who are born with the Sagittarius Moon sign, are expected to experience good changes in their life and disputed matters are seen getting sorted out respectfully.

Ongoing problems are likely to get resolve amicably as Mars will be there in the sixth house of enemies and competitions.

In the case of Pisces Moon sign people, this transit is happening in the third house of courage and efforts that could widen the possibilities of entering into new areas.

Connections from distant places are another feature of this transit to come with good potentials. So, this transit is going to be a productive one, to offer wide prospects and new avenues to help them grow and shine.

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