Leo Daily Horoscope

(July 23 - August 23)

Know All About Leo

Personality :

Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac, which symbolizes The Lion, and is considered the most powerful and dynamic one. Its ruling planet is the Sun. The people belonging to this sign are ambitious, courageous, dominant, strong willed, positive, independent, and self confident. There is no such word as doubt in their vocabulary, and they are self controlled.

Love Trait :

Leo is the natural sign of love and romance. Leo is an ideal lover and is generous, appealing and glamorous. In marriage, a Leo is possessive and loyal. They are warm, considerate and lovers with style, wooing the beloved in the most elegant manner.

Compatibility :

  • Aries
  • Gemini
  • Libra
  • Sagittarius

Best Match :

  • Aries

Yesterday's Horoscope

Your prediction for the day indicates that peace will prevail at home. Students will most likely succeed in competitive exams. Legal issues will be resolved in your favour. Benefits from associates are seen. You will be able to mend all the previous loss. Sudden increase in income is seen in the second half of the day. It is a good time for your health. Improvement in your health will make you happy.

Today's Horoscope

Your prediction for the day indicates that opponents at work might remain strong. Your intelligence and patience will be helpful in improving your work. Search for new opportunities at work. Time is in your favour. While speaking in public make sure to choose your words properly. This will help in improving your social image. Expect pleasant behaviour from your soul mate. Health will be perfect.

Tomorrow's Horoscope

Your prediction for the day warns you to be aware of your situation before lending a helping hand to others. Your efforts to help others might lead to your loss, so be careful. Increase in expenditure is seen. Do not let temptation lure you. Before buying a land, house or property, you must cross examine the documents. The health of a family member may cause you to worry. Health will be fine.

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