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Cancer Daily Horoscope

(June 22 - July 22)

Know All About Cancer

Personality :

Cancer is the fourth sign in the Zodiac, and its ruling planet is the Moon. The name Cancer is derived from the Latin word, meaning The Crab.They love their home - their roots. Belonging to the most empathetic zodiac sign, Cancerians are often overtly sensitive. They take great pleasure in the comforts of home and family and are at their best when all is peaceful at this front. In one word, a Cancerian is known to be Jack of all Trades.

Love Trait :

Cancerians romance those who are quite opposite to them in nature. They are strongly attracted to people who are confident, strong and successful. Although they fall in love all the time, their introvert nature and uneasiness in disclosing their true feelings makes many of these affairs one-sided. A Cancerian is a good lover if not a bold one. Their protective instinct can make the other person feel loved and cared for.

Compatibility :

  • Taurus
  • Virgo
  • Scorpio
  • Pisces

Best Match :

  • Taurus

Yesterday's Horoscope

Your sign lord, the Moon, is now in Aries sign, to receive divine aspects from Jupiter and Ketu, to indicate that the atmosphere at home may not be as per your expectations. Meeting with influential people who might help you in future in setting up a personal business is possible. You will also have the desire to meet with those people with whom you do not share a very good relationship. Your effective plans to improve your current lifestyle will finally take shape. Your inability to reach to final decisions related to property or financial transaction may benefit you eventually. Your health is seen in normal condition to make your day easier.

Today's Horoscope

Mercury is now in His own nakshatra Ashlesha, in your sign, to foretell huge profits in your venture to make your day brighter. Sincere efforts of working professionals will be greatly rewarded. You will be successful to obtain the consent of higher officials to bring about the desired changes in the decorum of office. You will be well known for your ability to take impartial decisions. Ongoing issues related with your family front will be solved finally. Unmarried individuals may get acceptable proposals through a relative. Health is in need of more care and attention. Do not ignore it anymore.

Tomorrow's Horoscope

Your sign lord, the Moon, is exulted in Taurus sign, to predict a few new opportunities to work on a brand new platform. In your office, continue to put in your best efforts with full confidence and dedication. Your pleasant behaviour will help you to gain a new reputation in the society. Your soul mate might pick an argument with you. As far as possible, try to avoid it, by any means. The environment at home will remain as it is. You may expect a favourable change in the arena of your health and wellness.

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