Venus in Gemini Success at work, gain in income and some surprises are coming your way!

Venus in Gemini Success at work:-

Very important transit of Venus has taken place in Mrigashiranakshatra, of the GEMINI sign, on 1st August. The energy of VENUS + GEMINI + MRIGASHIRA together will deliver a variety of changes to each zodiac sign. As north node RAHU is also there in the Gemini zodiac, the final blend of the energy of “VENUS+GEMINI+MRIGASHIRA+RAHU” and its effects, on individuals of different zodiac signs, can be read below.


So now that we have a better idea of what the VENUS transit will bring to everyone, according to their zodiac, let’s look at them one by one, starting with Aries.

Venus in Gemini Success at work, gain in income:-

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Beauty and charm will improve your communication and skill. You will be able to accomplish any pending work just by your speech. All your meetings and seminars will bring good luck to you.  You don’t have to go to faraway places to earn money; it will come from nearby places. Some girl near your house may propose to you, so keep your eyes open so that you recognize her intention. A spouse may suspect you or spy on you.


A lot of enjoyment is foreseen, and several functions are going to be celebrated in your home, with family members. Some luxury items will be brought and on that account, the money will be spent. Your spouse can develop infection so take care. You will get money from elders in your family, as support, in this period of Covid.


Expenses made on luxury items will disturb you afterward as you will be short of money. Take care of your wife’s health as a diagnosis of her disease may be difficult. You will not be able to communicate your feelings to others.


Beware of any love relationship outside your family. As it’s a bad time, your extramarital relationship may bring shame to you. Some may enjoy quality time with their spouses and plan for the birth of a child, in the future. Money from a foreign country or source will come to you. Control your feelings about the opposite sex.


Some beautiful and bold lady may make a fool of you by offering you a lucrative business deal. It’s important to be alert enough to realize the “TRAP” behind the deal being offered to you. Otherwise, you will incur losses. You are going to be very much popular with your friends and women circle.


Things are going to change, in your workplace. Due to the present “work from home” situation, you must cut your office expenses and other unnecessary expenses. You can do well and earn as much as before, from home with less infrastructure.


Your spouse is your “LUCKY CHARM” and it is better that you understand this as early as possible. She will turn more religious these days and you will have to support her in this. Following your duty and not leaving the right path of DHARMA will BESTOW the best to you.


Health issue of spouse and disagreements with her will be the major cause of disturbance in your life right now. Progeny issues are also there. In-laws can influence your wife regarding something and confuse her, so ask her to be mature; otherwise, issues will be created between both of you.

Sagittarius Venus in Gemini Success at work For Sagittarius:

your lover or wife will be, physically, very active and demanding, in this phase of time, and you have to support her in this. Get some gifts or expensive things to show your love for her. Your wisdom will help you excel in all spheres of life.


With the support and advice from a cunning and worldly-wise friend, you are going to be free from loan, debt, court case, litigation, or something damaging that you have indulged in, in the last many months. You may also change your job and the new job will bring you more money.


Watch your kids, as they are likely to indulge in bad company, especially love relationships which is not at all good for them. Even for you, it is not advised to indulge in any new love relationship right now. You can complete some online correspondence courses which you have been trying to do for a long time. Speculation business can give you money.


You are prone to chest and throat infection so please take proper care of your health. Follow the guideline of AYUSH MINISTRY. Food infection or poisoning is to be avoided. You are going to earn from your creativity and artistic skills. Make your hobbies your profession right now. Time is not good for those in the glamour world.

So, friends, this is a brief insight into the VENUS transit in Gemini. Hope you enjoyed it.


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