Venus in Gemini Success at work, gain in income and some surprises are coming your way!

Venus in Gemini Success at work:-

Very important transit of Venus has taken place in Mrigashiranakshatra, of the GEMINI sign, on 1st August. The energy of VENUS + GEMINI + MRIGASHIRA together will deliver a variety of changes to each zodiac sign. As north node RAHU is also there in the Gemini zodiac, the final blend of the energy of “VENUS+GEMINI+MRIGASHIRA+RAHU” and its effects, on individuals of different zodiac signs, can be read below.


So now that we have a better idea of what the VENUS transit will bring to everyone, according to their zodiac, let’s look at them one by one, starting with Aries.

Venus in Gemini Success at work, gain in income:-

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