Vastu: Simple Tips for a Harmonious Home

Vastu tips

How to find ultimate peace in the rooms of your house?

A house is a temple and it is the dream of everyone to build their own house. Every person wants their own house, it is a different matter that someone wants a small one and someone wants an upscale one. But the situation when somebody has no house and tries throughout life until the house is built is now changing. It has become easier for people to buy their own houses. Things change when the person manages to own a home.

Now the small homeowner may want a little bigger house and a bigger house owner looks for more than that. Whether it is a human being or any living creature, they do something or the other throughout the day that keeps them busy, but at night they need a cozy place to get a restful sleep. The truth of the world is that no matter how precious a house or bed money can buy, but sound sleep and peace of mind can never be bought, at any price.

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Today, we will share with you some useful Vastu Tips in the context of how to increase the comfort level and joy in the room of the house, in which you sleep. Whether it is your own house or rental, let’s see how to get rest and joy in that house. The best room is the one that is well lit and the sunlight is entering there. 

A good house gives us assertive energy and removes negative energy from inside us. When we leave our house and go out to work, if we leave with a lot of energy and confidence, our actions fetch constructive results and they double our happiness quotient, for sure. And in that house, we automatically feel a sense of great peace and comfort.

On the contrary, when we go out of an unhappy mind, if there is any negative energy in our room, then it goes with us, then there is laziness inside us and negative energy remains throughout the day. This either does not engage the mind in the work or the attainment of incomplete results which gives rise to frustration. 

Of course, the poor Vastu Arrangement of our room can be the main reason for this. It is necessary to choose a room for yourself that is aligned with Vastu so that you remain always full of enthusiasm and auspicious energies.

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Even a small change in the room based on Vastu can change your life. There are different types of suggestions for every room i.e., bedroom, study room, drawing room or kitchen, and meeting hall but a normal room that you use in every possible way, the general and necessary Vastu Tips for that are as follows:

  • The room must be airy.
  • Sunlight comes in through a window or door.
  • Money plant or a green plant should be there.
  • There should be no faded colour in the room and no curtains of light colour.
  • The doors or windows of the room do not make any noise.
  • Electrical items do not make noise i.e., fans etc.
  • There should be no hanging beams in the middle of the room.
  • The room should be square in shape.
  • Make sure to wipe the rooms with salt water, at least once a week.
  • Do not keep a stopped clock in the room.
  • Make a Swastika Sign on the main door or put a Swastika made of ‘AshtDhatu’ (eight metals).

Apart from this, many other alterations and minor changes according to Vastu can make your life happy and prosperous. Vastu has a major impact on your living space and it is a good idea to get the vastu checked when planning on redecorating or renovating your house!

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