Valentine’s Day – Make this day special than ever!

Valentine's Day -Make this day special than everValentine’s Day is round the corner! What special are you planning for him/her this valentine’s completely depends on how long you have been seeing him / her. On this cupid’s day, if you wish to heighten the level of your romance in your love life then get to know how special can you make him or her feel. Understand their nature according to the characteristics of their sign and plan the day accordingly to make it one of the most memorable occasions of your lives.

aries 1Aries: The aggressive and bold Aries is fond of being a leader anywhere. From outside they might seem rude in their behaviour (like a coconut) but you are supposed to know about their weaknesses and insecurities. The planet of Love, Venus, being their partner, is the perfect match on the planet and the best also. And they will always like actions. You are expected to be the first person to turn them on in love. The reactions will be spontaneous and assertive from them.




Taurus 1Taurus: Person of a fine taste, Taurus is a thinker and inventor in their relations. To explore the best within them you are supposed to be calm and quiet. Being a good observer will pay you rich dividend to move on with them. Play game of words with them to touch the bottom of their heart and place yourself firmly there. Luxury and artistic objects are their basic weaknesses in the world, besides good food. You need to be more precise to strike the right chord of their heart!



gemini 1Gemini: The most unpredictable character available on earth, Gemini partner is hard to tackle and difficult to understand. Although intelligent by default, their indecisive outlook throw their partner in utter disgust and if not pacified properly then the most romantic evening might get spoiled for no valid reason. So, if you want to enjoy the festival of love peacefully then go cautiously and sober flowers can help you a lot in this task. Are you ready to knock him or her down to your feet?



cancer 1Cancer: Emotional yet adorable Cancer is full of elegance as well as royal trait to make it a bit tough for their partner to walk along. Sensitive nature is another point to remember while trying to get cosy with him or her. Fond of designer items, be it clothes or jewellery, they go flat with these items. Irony with Cancer is their partner is more realistic and down to earth and that’s why this alliance is considered as most fragile one among all.



leo 1Leo: It requires a lot of courage to counter with a Leo person and when you know how to handle them, it becomes a celebration. As it named over the king of the jungle, Lion, fiery sign Leo people needs only their superiority complex to be pacified. If you are able to perform this task perfectly, the show is entirely yours. Avoid arrogance while you are around your Leo companion, they sniff it in the air and react sharply. Flowers and good food are the two basic weaknesses of them to be exploited by you, while making your Valentine’s Evening memorable.



virgo 1Virgo: Your jolly and light weight mood will be able to knock down your Virgo partner while all other tricks might not be able to attract you the desired attention. Double minded by birth, Virgo partners are not so easy to tackle on the earth. Mood swing is another vulnerable ingredient exist within them to make the task tougher. Just try to be yourself while making it happening with your dream person on this planet. Poetry, art, culture turn their mood on and your presence of mind is more than a necessity to carry on the celebration.



libra 1Libra: A perfect balance between reality and imagination is the key that opens the golden gate of the heart of a Libra partner. They want to enjoy their life to the fullest with their near and dear ones. If you are the person of him or her then you need to be well mannered and your sense of dressing along with colour combination are expected to be at a high to grab his or her eye balls. Perfectionist by birth, Libra people are fond of the company of opposite sexes, naturally. This could be an added advantage for your delight to make the most with him or her.



Scorpion 1Scorpio: Mysterious yet adorable, a Scorpio partner is not everyone’s cup of tea to handle precisely. Being a native of watery sign, they have the quality to get adjusted in every situation or circumstances, but if their self-respect is hurt then they becomes furious and beyond control. If your partner is a Scorpio person, then you need to be more than careful about your body language and gestures to appease him or her. They love being unpredictable and keep their companion guessing about their turn on and offs, you need to go out of the way to mesmerise your soul mate and make it a celebration on Valentine’s Day!



sagittarius 1Sagittarius: You are lucky enough if your companion is Sagittarius. They are honest from the core of their heart, loyal to their partner and uncompromising while targeted wrongly. Justice is their ultimate love and passion on this earth in addition to spirituality. You need to be well versed with mythology and religious sentiments to accompany your Sagittarius partner perfectly. Justified talks are the most preferred turn on for them and you should know your limits of dignity to spend sufficient time with him or her without a hitch. A slight provocation might ignite their anger within and let you face the consequences duly. Go with them with an assertive frame of mind and pick choicest words to give him or her a feeling of satisfaction.



capricon 1Capricorn: Try to get connected emotionally with your Capri partner to keep it going on for a long span of time. If the link is broken then it would become an impossible task on the planet to carry on without a hitch. They have a clear perspective of their life and know it well what they want and how to achieve it. If you are making yourself as a supportive component then the bond between you two is strong enough to go on effortlessly. Do research extensively on your partner’s mindset and requirements before locking the horns with him or her this Valentine’s Day!



aquarius 1Aquarius: Just like a two-sided coin, Aquarius people are extrovert as well as introvert also, making it difficult for their partner to guess in which mood he or she is. Lot of patience and extensive study of human psychology is required to read the mind of your Aquarius companion and enjoy a nice time together. Sometimes they love to debate about most difficult political topics of the world or sit quietly in a corner of his room. Get yourself prepared to guess correctly and spend quality moments together this Valentine’s Day.




pisces 1Pisces: All you need to win the heart of a Piscean is to pamper him or her emotionally to get the best out of it. Being a watery sign they are easily mouldable but if it comes to their ego in any case, then they become very obstinate and difficult to handle. Show respect to the values they nurture within their mind, at least try to. So, taking care of these facts and issues at the same time might become tough task and spend nice time with your Pisces partner. Literature and poetry are their weak points and could be exploited to extract best result for this Valentine’s Day celebration for sure!

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