Vaastu Tips for Study Room

Vaastu Tips for Study Room

Vaastu Tips for Study Room 

Study and education are not as easy as they look when you consider the below mentioned energy words, which are needed to perform positively, for which one requires a Vaastu compliant study room. Energy words that denote education:-Master, Bachelor, Research, Educate, Online, Document, College, Skills, Lessons, Idea, Creativity,  Students, Knowledge, Exam, Alphabets, Information, High School, University, Coaching, Method, Teacher, Qualification, Certificate, Success, Community, Books, Leadership, Specialist, Experienced, Science, Math, Arts, Diploma, Studies, Training, and Competence.

In a Vaastu compliant study room, the above key words continue to revolve in our unconscious and subconscious mind. We have to make use of the positive connotations of all these keywords by following these simple Vaastu rules, as told by our Vaastu experts.


Vaastu Advice


  • The best direction for constructing a study room is the west, east, or northeast part of your home. Try to avoid the south direction.
  • Pupils or students must place their seating arrangement in such a way that their faces while studying or reading, must be towards the east or north direction.
  • The study room should be properly ventilated for fresh air with windows in the north, east, or west wall of the study room.
  • Eshaan Kon energy must enter the study room. To facilitate this, the doors of the study room should  constructed in the northeast, east, north, or west. Doors should not be constructed in the southeast, North West, and southwest walls of the study zone /wall.
  • Students should not sit below the arch, beam, or pillar while reading or studying.
  • The light should not be dark or dim. There should be a sufficient amount of light in the room.
  • Lord Ganpati, MaaSaraswati:-
  • Students should face Lord Ganpati, MaaSaraswati, Vivekananda, or similar pictures while studying or learning. He or She should not face an open window or a blank wall during the process of studying.
  • Try to avoid toilets or washrooms being located very near to the study area.
  • Reference books, notes, and study material should be kept in a proper rack or bookshelf in the north or east direction of the reading area. Southwest area for keeping books should avoided as it said that if you keep books in this zone, they remain untouched. Also, books placed in the northwest zone are easily stolen by other people so this should also avoid. Bookrack should not place over or high above the study table.
  • Geometrically square and rectangular work or study table should be used for best results.
  • The length of the table should be twice the breadth of the table. The study table should not touch the walls of the room.
  • Source of light like lamp or highlighter used by students should be in the southeast direction of your study table. You can also place electronic and computer gadgets in the southeast direction or corner of the study table.
  • Placing a Pyramid/Shri Yantra or QuartzGanpati will increase the positive energy and memory of students.
  • Another important feature of a study room is a clock and it should be placed on the north wall of your study room.
  • The study room should be free from clutter and loud noise. It should be full of light and the colors of the walls should be light and soothing to the eyes.

















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