Vaastu for the Living Room

Vaastu for the Living Room

“The living room should be a place where we feel totally at ease – Temple of the soul” as said by Terence Conram.

Our living room represents “our” thoughts, personality aligns =”justify”>creativity and feelings towards the outside world.

We are here to have a look at how to design our “living room” according to the ancient principals of Vaastu sutras,

with a fusion of modern architecture, so that love and laughter may bless you and your family.

I am sure that if you follow these simple Vaastu tips for your living room, good vibes and happiness will shower upon you.

Most moments of joy, happiness, and special events Alternatively, the north & EASTcelebrated with friends, relatives, guests,

and family members in this important area of your home so it must be special and must carry positive energy.

Follow these simple Vaastu rules for your “living room” to socialize with guests and visitors and spend quality time with your loved ones,

without making any alterations in the built-up area and balance all zones and directions by simple methods of energy balancing.

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You are all aware of our Indian culture of Atithi Devo bhava we strongly believe in, that a guest is like a god for us and we receive them in the living room.

So, the NORTH-EAST (ESHAAN KON) is the best position for it as this zone also facilitates light and openness in your home so that

the bright and pleasant morning sun’s rays that enter the living room increase its positive energy.

These days, we want our guests or visitors should come and visit us and go back happily after completing the purpose of their visit.

For this, the North-West (vyavaya kon) association with the “AIR” element is the second-best option,

as a living room in this zone will not allow guests or visitors to stay for too long.

Alternatively, the north & EAST direction or zone can also be considered good for a living room.


Another important feature of the living room is how to choose and arrange the furniture wisely.

If your living room situated in N/NE/E zone or direction, pick light furniture for it.

Proper care is to take that there is no beam, on the roof, on top of the seating arrangement of the guest.

Also, thorny plants, prickly, spiky, and those with pointed leaves should avoided indoors.

Paintings on the walls must radiate a feeling of happiness and joy so that positive energy transmitted.

Avoid hanging paintings of masks, sunset, and dull compositions.

Heavy furniture can placed in SOUTH/SOUTHWEST/SOUTHEAST direction for better luck and prosperity.


It is advisable to use colors that liked and appreciated by everyone so use white, cream, grey, olive,

sea blue as these colors are soothing to the eyes and promote healing, happiness, and vitality.

Looking mirrors are to use with a lot of precautions. It is advisable not to use a looking mirror in the living room.

As you are all aware of the fact that the placement of a mirror in INDRAPRASTHA was one of the major reasons for the MAHABHARAT.

So, mirror placement needs a lot of precaution to achieve positive results.

The seating position of the head of the family is the most important in a living room. According to VAASTU Shastra,

the senior-most or head of the family must sit in such a direction (southwest corner)

that he faces towards the NORTH/NORTHEAST/EAST direction to facilitate “CLARITY OF THOUGHT”.

Nowadays, television is one of the important components of a living room,

but care must taken to place it in the right zone or direction.

Television must placed in such a direction that while watching it our faces should be in

NORTH/NORTH-EAST/OR EAST direction so that complete entertainment and positive learning can be promoted among family members.

Pooja Ghar, fountain, aquarium, or a waterfall should place in the NORTH OR EAST zone.

As many people (outsiders)visit our living room and they may carry negative energy with them,

we must put sea salt in our living room so that negative energy absorbed by the salt. We must change that salt twice in a month.

In a living room, dark and dim light should avoid, and it should be brightly lit, neat, clean, and free from all clutter.

These are a few tips one should follow to make his or her living room a comfortable place to be in.


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