Unusual Transit of Mercury in his own Sign – Gemini

Unusual Transit of Mercury in his own Sign Gemini

In the Indian System of Vedic Astrology, it supposed to be a good and very auspicious result giving transit when a planet occupies His own sign. 

On 24th May 2020, Mercury is going to enter the Gemini sign, at 23.57 pm, to stay there till 2nd August, 03.31 am.

Gemini sign ruled by planet Mercury Himself. If he stays there comfortably, it supposed to give positive results. 

But this time, Mercury associated with Rahu there so it will vary the situation to some extent. Discuss your issues with Astrologer

Generally, Mercury spends 18 days in a sign, but because Mercury will assume retrograde motion from 18th June and continue to move indirectly till 12th July, 

and then start to move forward towards Cancer sign, it is going to be a very unique transit for us. Mercury rules our intelligence, sharpness of brain, general health conditions, etc., 

and plays a major role in our decision making and our wellness.Get detail Analysis of Your Kundali

Association of the Sun, from 14th June, will create auspicious ‘BudhAditya Yog’.

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But, the retrogression of Mercury is, definitely, going to reduce the auspiciousness of this transit for us. 

In addition to this, retrograde Mercury will slip into combustion, from 22nd June, to further deteriorate the positive results for us. 

Mercury will remain in a combust state till 9 July to regain His power again by rising in the eastern horizon.Talk to Astrologer in 13 Languages

This transit will remain auspicious for the natives of Taurus and Leo Moon signs as only for these two Moon signs this transit is happening in second and eleventh houses, respectively, in their horoscope. 

A strong ‘Dhan Yog’ formed in the sky, for them, to offer benefits and good results.

Scorpio Moon sign people advised to take special care, as this transit is not happening in an auspicious house for them. 

Moreover, Mercury is not an auspicious planet for this sign, according to Indian System of Vedic Astrology. 

So, precautions should exercised to bypass, or reduce, negative results. Ask your Question and get answer on your email

This transit is not happening in an auspicious house for the natives of Cancer Moon sign also. 

Mercury being placed in the twelfth house of expenditures may result in some out of budget expenses, for household items, to upgrade their style or current standard of living. 

They should try to maintain a perfect balance between both income and expenditure, to secure their peace of mind.

To know the effect of this transit of Mercury, in His own sign Gemini, for the natives of other Moon signs, in detail, consult your Astrologer now.

1. Avoid taking undue risks in physical as well as mental health related matters, because planet Mercury governs our general health condition also.

2. Investments and other financial transactions should done with utmost caution as our skill of decision making regulated by intellectual planet Mercury.

3. People who earn their livelihood by creative pursuits advised to take precautions in the area of work as creativity comes under the jurisdiction of planet Mercury.

4. Chanting ‘Durga Chalisa’ will help to counter the adversities this transit could bring.

5. Need of performing remedies for Rahu is also important to pacify the unpredictable nature of shadowy planet Rahu.

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