Unlocking Mysteries: What Is A Kundli and How to Read it?

What is a Kundli?

I’m sure many of you have heard the word ‘Kundli’ mentioned many times. Are you wondering what is a Kundli? In Vedic Astrology, your Kundli is a means of knowing the future on the basis of which different aspects of life are known.  It is also called the Birth Chart, in addition to a Kundli or Natal Chart. To make your Kundli, the exact date of birth of the native, the place of birth, and the accurate time of birth are required.

There are nine planets and twelve zodiac signs in the horoscope that influence human life. Kundli is formed by looking at the position of planetary configurations based on the formulas of Vedic Astrology. Making a Kundli comes under mathematics while giving predictions from a Kundli comes under the predictive part of astrology. Kundli is used to know about the past, present, and future of an individual. Kundali plays an important role in seeking guidance about the future course of action of a person.

        The Kundli contains the entire information about all the planets, zodiac signs, constellations, and houses. Your Kundli contains minute details about the rising sign/ascendant, Sun sign, Moon sign, constellations, planetary positions, placements, combinations, Yogas, and aspects. To cast your Kundli, astrologers used to perform manual calculations by hand, but presently science has made a lot of progress, so Kundalis can also be generated with the help of authentic software of Astrology. Every planet and zodiac sign has its own nature and characteristics, on the basis of which they influence the life of a native. Just as each of the planets has their unique nature and characteristics, its influences are also seen in the life of the native.

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How To Read A Kundli?

First House

The First House governs physical body, Vata-Pitta-Kapha tendencies, skin complexion, success-failure, self-confidence, mentality and more.

Second House

The Second House considers money, economic status, family happiness, family status, right eye, speech and more.

Third House

The Third House governs strength, younger siblings, servants, might, patience, and more.

Fourth House 

The Fourth House considers maternal happiness, home comfort, vehicle happiness, land, and property, and more.

Fifth House

The Fifth House rules over the happiness of children, knowledge, higher education, love relationship.

Sixth House

The Sixth House determines enemies, diseases, fear, stress, discord, lawsuits, competitions, and more.

Seventh House

The Seventh House governs marriage, the pleasure of bed, spouse’s nature, business, partnership, distant migration, and more.

Eighth House

The Eighth House presides over age determination, sorrow, sudden crises and more.

Ninth House

The Ninth House considers the idea of spiritual progress, fortune, intelligence, pilgrimage and more.

Tenth House

The Tenth House rules over position, social honor, work ability, paternal happiness, job, business, profit from governance and more.

Eleventh House

The Eleventh House governs friends, gifts, benefits, modes of income and more.

Twelfth House

The Twelfth House presides over expenses, debts, losses, foreign trips, retirement, etc.

Knowing all these Houses in your Kundli can help you analyse your past, present and future based on the planets that are mapped to each House at different points in your life. This is the first step to analysing your Kundli.

Why Should we Analyse the Kundli?

Apart from this, information about every part of our body and disease related to it can also be detected through the Kundali. If any planet in the horoscope is in a weak state, then its remedy has been suggested on the basis of Astrology. As per this, suggestions about Gems, Mantras, Yantras, worshipping, and alms (donations) are also advised. Therefore, it is necessary to have thorough knowledge about every house of the horoscope before trying to analyse a Kundali or give anyone any prediction. Any person who is interested in Astrology can learn it with dedication and hard work, to help and guide people in distress.

Expected to experience constructive changes in their social life. Ongoing issues are likely to get resolve amicably as a result of this transit, for their pleasure.

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