Transit of the Sun into Sagittarius sign on 15 Dec: Get A Chance to Fulfill Your Long Pending Wishes


The YEAR 2020 is about to end and as you all know it was very challenging for the whole civilization across the global due to covid-19. 

Still, you all have great news as there are four major transit accruing in December 2020.

We will discuss “Sun into Sagittarius sign” which is taking place on 15th December, as you all aware that the sun will move to FIREY & ITS FRIEND SIGN JUPITER which is Sagittarius.

So this transit will fulfill most of the long-pending wishes of people of different Zodiac, lets see what this transit brings for you.

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with the support of your father/senior/ CEO, you are going to make progress in your professional and personal front and life, which you were unable to do for a long time.

Your spiritual and religious aptitude will also increase .your luck will start favoring you because of this transit.


You are going to be research-oriented now; people in the share and speculation business will be more successful.

Maintain cordial relations with your in-laws and wife, your wife will support you mentally and financially.


People must take care of their business partner and business as a lot of events and actions in a positive manner are going to happen. Make use of this wonderful transit.

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Matter regarding disease debt accident litigation will be overcome by your own efforts so open your mind and sky is the limit for you.


You may get money from lottery speculation in this period, love life will be on the test and you have to maintain your calm in this matter.


Your mother’s health is to be watching, if you are in the contraction or real estate field you will get the support of government policy and officials, 

Vehicle and house purchases are in your chart right now.


Your business and professional life will improve and progress if you increase your communication skill and infract with more people.


Money which was stuck and not coming to you from last one year will start coming to you in automatic mode, your family will support you.

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You will shine like a star as time is totally yours. Your initiative and aggression towards work and profession will lead you to success.

Try to keep cool and control your ego.


Your star shows that you transferred to some other department or company in this period. 

Expenses will increase and you have to be more careful.


You are going to get the support from your business and personal network, which you were not getting for a long time. 

Maintain good relations with their father and superiors.


You are going to crown success in this period, promotion and new job responsibilities are going to in your life in this period so put your leg 

on the accelerator and get success in your professional life.

This was the brief result of “Sun into Sagittarius sign” for different ascendant. Explore Our Instagram

For more information Call at +91-85 8800 9900 or Talk to astrologer for free

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