Transit of the Sun in Watery Sign Cancer

Transit of the Sun in Watery Sign Cancer

Presence of the Sun in watery sign Cancer indicates rainy season to help the farmers do their sowing of seeds to produce food grains for people. On the other hand, this month is known for its religious importance among the followers of Hindu religion.

The sole energy giver of our universe, the Sun, is entering into Cancer sign, on 16th of July 2020, at 10.46 am, to start Hindu people’s most auspicious month Shravan, which is known as the month of Lord ShivJee. Cancer sign is fourth sign of the natural zodiac and the Sun rules fifth house of the natural zodiac. So, this transit is going to create a ‘Trikona-Kendra Raaj Yog’. The Sun is going to receive aspect from retrograde Saturn, who is already transiting through His own sign Capricorn, being just opposite of the Sun, to offer ambitious position and help to use the talent at an appropriate platform. The Sun enjoys the position of the king in the council of celestial bodies. So, entering of the Sun into friendly planet the Moon’s sign Cancer, in transit, is going to be a very auspicious transit for people placed in high position, in general.

For the natives of Taurus, Virgo, Libra and Aquarius Moon signs, this transit will remain more than auspicious. For the natives of Taurus Moon sign, placement of the Sun in Cancer sign, in third house of efforts, is indicating that their efforts will be rewarded suitably to bring satisfactory results with visible potential to their delight. For the natives of Virgo Moon sign, placement of the Sun in eleventh house of recurring income is going to open up new avenues to bring more revenues to spell great success and prosperity.

Transit of the Sun through tenth house of professional career, for Libra Moon sign natives, yield very good results in terms of their professional endeavours to increase the volume of work. Aquarius Moon sign natives will have the Sun, placed in their sixth house of health and competitions, to help them to achieve success in competitive pursuits. Health related issues, if any, will be cured to make their days better. For the effects of this transit on the natives of rest of the Moon signs, click here.

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