Transit of Saturn in May 2020 and Remedies to Reduce Damages on Your Professional and Financial Front

Transit of Saturn in May 2020 and remedies to reduce damages on your professional and financial front

As we all know, when Saturn moves from its position, people on Earth feel more scared as it is a planet of Karma and Law.

If anything done in a wrong way, the person suffers as per his karma.
Before discussing the impact of Saturn’s Transit in Capricorn on the Twelve zodiac signs, let’s have a look at the Planet Saturn or Shani.

Shani means moving slowly. It takes about 2 and a half years for Shani to move through one zodiac sign.

Saturn is the son of Sun and his wife, Chhaya (Shadow) and Saturn does not have a good relationship with his father.

Saturn considered a dry and cold planet. It represents old people and is considered a malefic planet in astrology.

In astrology, benefic Saturn can bless one with Long Life, Great wealth, Business acumen, and Fame and if it is malefic, then it can give losses, sorrow, poverty, misery, accidents, and other hurdles in life.

Saturn exalted in Libra Sign, Debilitated in Aries sign, Saturn governs Capricorn and Aquarius sign and it gets directional strength in 7th house.

Saturn is the Karma Karaka. It is like a teacher who punishes a student who doesn’t abide by the rules.


Saturn represents the labor class – who works hard to earn its daily livelihood. Its color is black and the bird represented by it is a crow.

Saturn offers Sadesati 7.6 years and Dhaiya 2.6 years. This has to see from one’s birth moon sign.

During the transit period, Saturn has changed its Zodiac Sign from Sagittarius to Capricorn on 24th Jan 2020 at 09:55:48 am and will remain in this sign till 17th Jan 2023 till 08:52:18 pm.

Now we will discuss the effects of Saturn on the 12 moon signs from March 2020 till May 2020.

Saturn becomes retrograde on 13th May 2020 at 07:52:47 am and it will come back on the direct motion on 27 Sept 2020 at 12:33:42 pm.

As per Saturn’s Transit, these Moon signs are under the effect of Shani’s Sadesati.

They are Sagittarius (Dhanu) Last Part, Capricorn (Makar) Middle Part, and Aquarius (Kumbha) Beginning Part.

These signs will be under the effect of the Kantaka Shani (4th & 8th)- Libra (Tula) and Gemini(Mithuna).

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