Taapsee Pannu Marriage: Compatibility & Married Life Prediction

Taapsee Pannu Marriage

We would like to start by congratulating Mathias Boe & Taapsee Pannu for their wedding! Dear readers, through this blog, we will attempt to analyze the Kundlis (horoscopes) of Taapsee Pannu and her husband Mathias Boe to understand how their marriage will be and how their relationship will be after Taapsee Pannu’s marriage. While the exact accuracy of this information is unknown since it comes from an external source, let’s see what insights we can get based on the birth details available.

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Taapsee Pannu was born in India, while her husband Mathias Boe is from Denmark. As per the data available Taapsee Pannu was born on 1 August 1987 in New Delhi whereas Mathias Boe was born on 11 July 1980 in Frederikssund. Taapsee was born under the Ardra Nakshatra, while her husband Mathias Boe was born in the Chitra Nakshatra. According to Nakshatra, Taapsee belongs to the Virgo sign, while her husband Mathias Boe is a Gemini native. The best thing to see in their horoscopes is that the lord of both their signs is the planet Mercury, and whenever the same planet represents the signs of both, harmony between them is seen to be very good. This is also called planetary friendship which indicates a good bond between the two.

Kundali Matching is used in astrology to predict the compatibility of the couples. In Kundali matching, the number of Gunas (points) in the Ashtakoot system is 36. 8 factors are considered while matching kundlis (horoscopes) and different factors have different numbers of total points allotted. For the first Koot (factor), Varna, 1 point is the maximum, for the second Koot, Vashya, 2 points, for the third Koot, Tara, 3 points, for the fourth Koot, Yoni, 4 points, for the fifth Koot, Grah Maitri, 5 points, for the sixth Koot, Gan, 6 points, for the seventh Koot, Bhakoot, 7 points, and for the eighth Koot, Nadi, 8 points are allotted. Adding up these eight Kootas (factors) makes 36 Gunas (points). Whenever Kundali matching is done, 18 to 25 Gunas (points) matching is considered medium, up to 27 Gunas (points) matching is considered excellent, and 27 or more is considered the best.

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After checking both the Kundlis (birth charts) of Taapsee Pannu and her husband Mathias Boe, as per the Kundali matching process, 27 Gunas are found to be matching, which falls in the best category. Therefore, it is certain that their love relationship will be excellent, they will respect each other, and it will not take much time for them to understand each other’s feelings. This pair will be a special one that people can give examples of in times to come. People will look at them as a symbol of love. With tremendous chemistry between them, the matching of priorities can be seen, and they will prove to be lucky for each other. Their career will flourish after marriage. Not only that, their mentality and harmony will be very good, and the feeling of love and affection between them will attract everyone’s attention. Taapsee Pannu marriage took place on March 23 which was an auspicious time for them. The year 2024 is excellent for their marriage since Taapsee’s Kundali is in the Mahadasha of Jupiter, while Mathias Boe is in the Mahadasha of Mercury. Best wishes to this excellent Indian actress from the StarsTell family for a happy married life in the future.

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