Sun in Virgo 12 tip for 12 zodiac signs- how to handle issues in personal life


You must all be interested in knowing what will be the impact, on your personal life, as the “SUN”, who is significator of the soul, enters into the “VIRGO” sign which symbolizesbeing sensitive, feminine, soft,shy in nature.

Let us see what this “BLEND” of “SUN + VIRGO” brings intothe lives of different people of different ZODIAC signs.

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ARIES: You must take care of your relationship with the maternal family as the planet of pride and ego is situated in your 6th house.If you have any business links or need to improve your relations with your maternal uncle’s family then you must control your feelings towards them.Your pet animal, whom you love very much, will need a lot of care during this period. 

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TAURUS: On the personal front, you must be polite with your children and lover as you need to be more adjusting towards them during this period; your love relationship can be in danger if you are not careful.

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GEMINI: It will be better to obey and listen to your mother now as because of her blessings you are able to get avehicle, house, property, as is being indicated by the stars now. Be respectful to your mother.

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CANCER: Relationship with a younger sibling, with your professional partner and neighbor is going to be at stake, so have a cordial relationship with them. 

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LEO: You should try to be a little more understanding in your personal life and love relationship with your spouse as your demands and intimate relations withthem may not be fully satisfied, due to this transit. So please behave in a mature manner. 

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VIRGO: As you are full of ego and pride because of the current power and position at hand, you must treat everyone you meet in apolite and loving way otherwise you will have a strained relationship with everyone.

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LIBRA: Respect the feelings of everyone at home and don’t bully younger members of your family. Stay in harmony with all your family members. You are the one who is responsible for maintaining the balance in a relationshi. 

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SCORPIO: You may ruin your relationship with your circle of friends and acquaintances or with your elder brother as this transit may increase your pride and give you a feeling of superiority.

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SAGITTARIUS: Be careful while dealing with your superiors and boss as your overconfidence and reactionsmay bring you losses.So be polite and courteous towards them. 

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CAPRICORN: You are likely to reap benefits from your father, guru, teacher and uncles. For this to happen in the current period, you must drop your overconfident and reactive attitude and listen to the point of view of your elders.

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AQUARIUS: You must take proper care of your relationship with your “INLAWS” as the planet of ego and pride (SUN) is active in this house.This represent your wife’s money, your in-laws, and your insurance assets so if you are not careful, your EGO can make you lose the benefits you may get from these relations. 

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PISCES: Love and respect your wife as this transit may increase her ego and she may seek attention from youto control you.You should understand that this is only because of this sun transit.  Carry the responsibility of being the homemaker on your shoulder during this time.

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